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Fly Service

Wroclaw International Airport (EPWR)
Terminal GA
Wroclaw, Poland

EU students welcome!The facilities of the Fly-service Wroclaw International Airport offers a comfortable and well-rounded foundation for your flight training.

Aero Club of Warsaw

ul. Ksiezycowa 1
Warsaw, Poland

Aero Club of Warsaw is the biggest aviation school in Central Europe.

Aero Poxnan - European Cirrus Simulation Center

Poznan International Airport (EPPO), GA Terminal
Bukowska 285
Poznan, Poland

Learn to fly Cirrus Aircraft in Europe´s first full motion Simulator Center! Train for your license in Cirrus aircraft!Simulation training is a practical and safe way for you to log hours toward your certification or recurrency training.

Airport Biernat

EPZE Zerniki
Poznanska 3
Gadki, Poland

Airport Biernat is Flight Training Organisation which offers PPL(A), SEP(S), SEP(L), FI, VFR night, TMG trainings.

FTO FLY Polska

Lotnisko Mielec (EPML)
ul. Lotniskowa 14
Mielec, Poland

FTO FLY Polska is situated at an airport in Mielec (EPML).

GoldWings Flight Academy

Sylwestra Kaliskiego 57
Warsaw, Poland

Goldwings Flight Academy specialising in PPL (A), CPL (A), ME(A), FI(A) and ATPL (A).

Royal Star Aero

Lotniskowa 16
Mielec, Poland

Royal-Star Company has been operating since 1995.

Runway Pilot School

EPBC - Babice
ul. Kaliskiego 57
Warsaw, Poland

Runway is one of the most known pilot schools in Poland.


al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 93/B3
Warszawa, Poland

Silvair is a Polish aviation school offering training pilots for PPL (A), CPL (A), IR (A), MEP (L), MCC, Jet Familiarization.


Warsaw Modlin Airport, ul. Gen. Wiktora Thommee 1a
Nowy Dwór Maz
Warsaw, Poland

You ever dreamed of flying? You were born with a compelling vision of becoming a pilot flight mode? A plane can treat only as a means of efficient and fast transportation.

Ventum Air Flight Academy

Lotnisko Warszawa Babice (EPBC)
Sylwestra Kaliskiego 57
Warszawa, Poland

We are a FTO specialising in PPL (A), CPL (A), ME (A), FI (A), ATPL (A), 2 years Pilot Pro Program, full conversion to EASA.

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