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Omni Air International is a Part 121 charter airline based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It operates international and domestic passenger charters as well as ACMI operations. OmniĀ“s customers include tour operators, other airlines, corporations, sports teams and government agencies.

The company offers a year round service between Honolulu and Las Vegas and serves a variety of destinations, both international and domestic.

Fleet Information:
Boeing 767 - 200 / 300 (7), Boeing 777 (2)

Omni Air International Job Profile was last updated 7-Jul-2014 | Summary was last updated 31-Oct-2013

Pilot Jobs with Omni Air International

Omni Air International is not hiring pilots. Visit Career Page


Flight Attendant Jobs with Omni Air International

Omni Air International is not hiring flight attendants. Visit Career Page


Aircraft Maintenance Jobs with Omni Air International

How to Apply


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Omni Air International is hiring aircraft mechanics.

Positions Available:
  • A&P Mechanic - Seattle
  • A&P Mechanic - Dulles/IAD
  • A&P Mechanic - Baltimore, MD
  • Flight Mechanic - Tulsa, OK
  • Interior Mechanic - Dulles/IAD
  • Lead A&P Mechanic - Baltimore, MD
  • Maintenance Station Manager - Las Vegas, NV

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Omni Air International

3303 N Sheridan Rd.
Hangar 19
Tulsa, OK 74158
United States

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