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CHC Europe - United Kingdom is hiring pilots.

Positions Available:
  • Air Crew/Rescue Crew - Western Australia
  • AW139 Captains - TBD, UK
  • AW139 First Officers - TBD, UK
  • AW139 Captains & First Officers - Den Helder, Netherlands
  • Future Opportunities, Aircrew - Australia Wide
  • Future Opportunities, Offshore & Onshore - Australia Wide

Last Updated 7-May-2015

CHC Europe - United Kingdom is hiring aircraft mechanics.

Positions Available:
  • Base/Line Maintenance Operations Manager, Poland - Rzeszow Poland
  • B1.3 Engineer, Touring - Western Australia
  • EOI Maintenance - Perth, Australia
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B1.3 - Den Helder, Netherlands
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer B2 - Den Helder, Netherlands
  • Licensed Engineer - Norwich, UK
  • Mechanic - Norwich, UK
  • Senior Licensed Engineers - Norwich, UK

Last Updated 7-May-2015

About CHC Europe - United Kingdom

CHC Europe United Kingdom, a division of CHC Helicopter, operates a modern fleet of medium and heavy, twin-engine helicopters to support its operations in the UK. To service oil and gas customers in Scotland, CHC utilizes its principal base located in Aberdeen. Its search and rescue operations in the UK are for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Interim SAR contract.

Current Fleet:

Agusta AW139 (27), Eurocopter EC155 (2), Sikorsky (117)

Profile last updated 7-May-2015 | About CHC Europe - United Kingdom last updated 25-Jul-2013

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