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FedEx Express is accepting interest from pilots.

Minimum Requirements
  • ATP certificate
  • 1,500 hours PIC -OR- SIC in multi-engine turbo-prop or jet aircraft
  • 1,000 hours PIC in multi-engine turbo-prop or jet, preferred
  • 20/20 correctable vision
  • Recency and type experience is considered
  • First class medical
  • BachelorĀ“s degree

Last Updated 19-May-2015

FedEx Express is hiring aircraft mechanics.

Positions Available:
  • AOD Safety Specialist - Memphis, TN
  • Aviation Maintenance / Line - Appleton, WI
  • Avionics Component Technician - Memphis, TN
  • Simulator Technical Support - Memphis, TN
  • Senior Hangar MX Planner - Memphis, TN

Last Updated 19-May-2015

About FedEx Express

FedEx Express is a American cargo airline based in Memphis, Tennessee. It is the largest airline in the world in terms of freight tons flown and the second largest in terms of fleet size.

FedEx Express is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation and delivers packages and freight to more than 220 countries each day. FexEx has a global SuperHub located at Memphis International Airport and has many other regional hubs at various locations in the United States.

Current Fleet:

Airbus 300 (71), Airbus 310 (32), ATR 42 (26), ATR 72 (21), Boeing 727 - 100 / 200 (30), Boeing 757 - 200 / 300 (67), Boeing 777 (23), Cessna Caravan (244), Douglas DC 10 (2), McDonnell-Douglas MD 11 (64)

Profile last updated 19-May-2015 | About FedEx Express last updated 1-Apr-2013

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