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Metrojet is accepting interest from pilots.

Minimum Requirements:
  • 4,000 hours total time (Captain)
  • 2,000 hours total time (First Officer)

Last Updated 17-Feb-2015

Metrojet is hiring flight attendants.

Corporate Flight Attendants
  • 5 consecutive years experience with a commercial airline
  • Fluent in English & Mandarin, Tagalog is preferred
  • Experience with formal hospitality training
  • Excellent planning and organization skills
Bases Recruiting: Manila

How to Apply


Official Career Page

Last Updated 17-Feb-2015

Metrojet is hiring aircraft mechanics.

Positions Available:
  • Lead Maintenance Controller
  • Senior Engineer
  • Lead Engineer

How to Apply


Official Career Page

Last Updated 17-Feb-2015

About Metrojet

Metrojet Limited, based in Hong Kong, is a leading operator and maintenance provider of business jets and pioneered business aviation services in Hong Kong. The company was awarded an Air Operator´s Certificate (FAA Part 121 equivalent) in June 1997.

Metrojet is Hong Kong´s only fully licensed business jet operator, providing the complete range of business aviation services, including: aircraft charter, comprehensive aircraft management, aircraft maintenance service, aircraft co-ownership programs and aircraft acquisition and sales.

Metrojet´s maintenance department is currently a fully certified Repair Station with approvals from the Hong Kong CAD, the United States FAA. Metrojet is a full Authorized Gulfstream Warranty Repair Facility as well as an authorized Bombardier Aircraft Service Facility.

Current Fleet:

Boeing BBJ, Challenger 604 / 605, Citation Sovereign, Global Express, Gulfstream G200, Gulfstream G300/G400, Gulfstream G350/G450, Gulfstream G500/G550

Profile last updated 17-Feb-2015 | About Metrojet last updated 20-Aug-2013

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