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Onur Air is not hiring pilots at this time.

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Last Updated 30-Apr-2015

Onur Air is hiring flight attendants.

Onur Air are recruiting Cabin Members and Experienced Cabin Members.

Minimum Requirements
  • Turkish citizen
  • Passport
  • Reside on the European side of Istanbul
  • Fluent in Turkish and English
  • French, Italian, Finnish or Russian good to know
  • High school graduate, College or vocation school preferred
  • Height: 1.6m-1.8m (women) 1.7-1.92 (men)
  • No visible tattoo or piercings while in uniform
Bases Recruiting: Istanbul - Antalya

Last Updated 30-Apr-2015

Onur Air is not hiring aircraft mechanics at this time.

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Last Updated 30-Apr-2015

About Onur Air

Onur Air is a scheduled and charter airline with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. It operates mostly international scheduled services, as well as domestic services (launched in 2003) and a wide range of charter flights out of its main base at Atatürk International Airport.

Onur Air is the largest private airline company in Turkey, operating a fleet of 34 aircraft offering services to 80 destinations in 20 countries as well as 12 domestic destinations.

Current Fleet:

Airbus 300 (6), Airbus 320 (12), Airbus 321 (11), Airbus 330 - 200 (4)

Profile last updated 30-Apr-2015 | About Onur Air last updated 7-Oct-2013

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