TMC Jets - Now Hiring First Officers

Company Travel Management Company
Location Home Based, United States
Category Corporate Pilot Job
Employment Full Time
Salary $264.42/day
Posted 26-Oct-2017 (apply by 22-Nov-2017)


A flight crew member for Travel Management Company embracing our philosophy and Cultural Values in the conduct of their duties will excel,as will the company.

Cultural Values:

•Safety: The foundation of our profession.

• Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

• Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles.

• Servant Leadership: Serving the best interests of the company       by leading.

• Team Mindset: The success of each flight is dependent upon the     contribution of everyone on the team.

• Professionalism: Expertly plying your trade, down to the                 smallest detail.

• Passion: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do       it.” Simon Sinek


This is a professional pilot position that requires a high level of knowledge and experience in safely operating multi-engine turbine aircraft, as well as internal and external customer service. The employee must continually demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the practical application of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), company policies and procedures, Crew Resource Management (CRM), and the systems, limitations, and operational procedures for their assigned aircraft. The employee must understand social etiquette and formal service concepts such as being anticipatory; friendly not familiar;privacy and confidentiality; invisible and available. Additionally, the employee is also expected to be of high moral character, and possess behavioral qualities such as leadership; sound judgment and decision making; attention to detail;flexibility and creativity; teamwork; and perseverance. The employee is required to maintain the cleanliness of the aircraft and ensure it is adequately stocked, well organized, prepared and presentable for each flight. In addition to this, it is part of the employee’s regular duties to load and unload luggage, up to fifty pounds in weight, for the client. Other duties, as assigned. The requirements of this position are performed under minimum supervision from an administrative manager.


• Education:

High School Diploma or equivalent (GED). A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university is preferred.

• Certification:

     o Commercial Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument               Ratings (ATP Preferred)

     o First Class Medical• Documentation:o Driver’s License

     o RROP (Radio Operator Permit)o Valid Passport

     o Applicant must show proof that they can legally work in the          U.S.

• Background Information and Required Checks:

In addition to the list of required checks, below, the pilot applicant must have no accidents, incidents,investigations, violations, or DUI/DWI within the previous 5 years.

     o ARG/US

     o Wyvern

     o TSA

     o PRIA

     o Drug Screening

Minimum Flight Times for Eligibility:

• Total flight time (Aircraft Category): 1000 hours

• Total PIC time (Aircraft Category): 500 hours 

Preferred Minimums:

• Total flight time (Aircraft Category): 2500 hours

• Total PIC time (Aircraft Category): 500 hours

• Total Multi-Engine time: 1000 hours

• Instrument (Actual and Simulated): 150 hours


• First Year FO Base Earnings: $55,00.00 (based on an 8/6               schedule, working 208 days at $264.42/day)

• Per Diem: $40.00 (Domestic); $60.00 (International)

• Annual Rate Increases are based on years of service (see                published pay scale).

• Sick Pay: 2 accrued paid sick days per calendar year

• VIP Incentive Pay: additional pay, over and above the daily rate –   SIC $400/day, PIC $600/day. VIP is offered based on company     need.


All new-hire crew members, as well as those crew members attending ‘Initial Training’, will sign a ‘Training Agreement’prior to the training event.


•Crew members must reside within the 48 contiguous United States. Upon employment with TMC, all pilots will be required to submit two airport domiciles for airline travel. Ideally, each domicile shall have at least three daily flights into and out of the airport and will be within one hour of the pilot’s home. TMC will consider such things as cost and availability when determining which domicile to use.


TMC Pilots may choose their schedule 15/13 or 8/6 and will bid annually for available rotations, A or B.

     o 15 days on an assigned rotation followed by 13 days off.

     o 8 days on an assigned rotation followed by 6 days off.• Other schedule options may be offered or assigned based on company need.


Crew members on the daily rate program will be allowed three (3) unpaid personal days per year. A 60 day notice of need is requested for scheduling. Requests for Personal Days must be emailed to both Crew Scheduling and HR. TMC will attempt to either delay the rotation start date or send the crew member home early from rotation to accommodate the request. Scheduling will manage the crew schedule based on staffing need and cost efficiency. Therefore, personal days needed during the middle of a rotation will not be able to carry a guarantee of return to complete the rotation. No personal days will be scheduled during ‘Peak Travel’ periods without Management approval. TMC will endeavor to accommodate requests however, due to potential scheduling conflicts, no guarantees can be made.


Pilots are eligible to bid for an 8-day block of vacation in the first vacation bid following one year of service. Vacations will be awarded through a bid process based on seniority.


• Crew members will be required to order uniforms from a TMC approved source for the employee owned portion of uniform consisting of:

      o 2 pairs of pants, 1 sport coat, 1 logo jacket. Crew members            may purchase white Van Heusen type Aviator shirts on their           own.

• TMC will provide:

       o 2 ties, 1 set of epaulets, 1 crew ID badge, 2 sets of wings,             1 cell phone and accessories, and 1 aircraft key. TMC                      provided items are to be returned at end of employment.

TMC pilots are represented by the Teamsters Local 1108. 

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