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School Overview

Air Canada Alliance is proud to be a recognized name within the industry for pilot and aviation personnel training and development. Our comprehensive programs deliver world-class training not only to our own pilots and personnel, but to the entire industry.

Airline Transport Prep Course

Air Georgian´s ATPL prep course is designed to help Commerical Licensed Pilots prepare for the Transport Canada ATPL exams. This three day course covers: advanced navigation, weather, air regulations, theory of flight and aircraft systems. See our website for more details on course dates.

CARS 705 - Flight Dispatcher Prep Course

Air Georgian´s comprehensive prep course is a two (2) week program dedicated to helping candidates prepare for the writing of the Transport Canada Dispatch License Exam. The course materials include; weather, theory of flight, engines, navigation, and air regulations. Contact us for information about course dates and prices.

Aircraft Technical Ground School

Our initial and recurrent technical ground school courses cover Beech 1900D, Citation Bravo and the Raytheon Premier 1A. Taught by our highly experienced in-house instructors, these courses are conducted either on-site in one of Air Canada Alliance´s classrooms or in a nearby facility depending on the number of participants. Course material covers Aircraft General, Lighting, Annunciator System, Fire Protection, Electrical System, Fuel System, Power Plant, Propeller (if applicable), Pressurization System, Environmental System, Oxygen System, Pneumatics, Hydraulic System, Landing Gear and Brakes, Flight Controls, Flaps, Ice and Rain Protection, Avionics, and much more. Contact us for information about course dates and prices.

Operational Training Course

Air Canada Alliance´s operational training course includes instruction on Dangerous Goods, Ground and Airborne Icing, Emergency Response, and Safety Management Systems (SMS). Contact us for information about course dates and prices.

Approved Check Pilot Course

Our Check Pilot course for initial and recurrent ACPs covers areas such as Administrative Responsibilities; ACP Delegation and Authorities; TC Licensing Requirements, Planning and Conducting a PPC, Flight Test Standards, Briefing Techniques, IFR Rules and Procedures, PPC Evaluating and Comments, CRM and TEMs, and CAL Debriefing Techniques. Contact us for information about course dates and prices.

There are also an option for simulator sessions, which are required for candidates who will conduct rides as an ACP in simulators as a delegate of the Minister of Transportation. Contact us for information about course dates and prices.

The Air Georgian Difference

The importance of pilot, maintenance, management and service education is vital to the aviation industry as a whole. We maintain our aviation excellence through a variety of Transport Canada-approved training programs in all areas of operations

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