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Kathmandu, Nepal

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School Overview

Aviotrace Nepal is the first and only EASA 147approved school of Nepal and a colocation of Aviotrace Swiss. Aviotrace Nepalis an educational institute in that has a core group of highly trained andqualified professionals in the field of aviation seeking to provide educationaland professional training to anyone who wants to get enrolled as students inAviotrace Nepal.


Purely academic or professional courses anywherein the world cannot stand on their own. Academic courses require some degree ofpractical applications to broaden the horizon of the students enrolled.Professional courses, on the other hand, need a formal place where the studentsenrolled can learn key theoretical insights as well as analysis. Without aperfect blend of these two, students might have trouble adjusting to the rigorsof the working environment. Bearing this in mind, Aviotrace Nepal is offeringcourses that help you get academic as well as a professional degree.


These courses will be taught by some of the bestprofessionals in their field who will cater to the needs of the studentsenrolled. Whether you want to excel as a student, a professional, or anentrepreneur in the field of automobile engineering or aviation, AviotraceNepal is a one stop destination for you.

Our Facilities

?    Jetstream 41 for engineers,students, cabin crew, and other learners

?    Workshop where various types ofvehicles are available for practise

?    EASA approved workshop

?    EASA approved instructors

?    Audio Visual Class with A/Cprojectors


Courses: Aircraft Maintenance Engineeringwith aerospace degree

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering withAerospace Degree is a customized course that takes two degrees viz.professional as well as the academic course hand in hand. At Aviotrace Nepal,we offer a perfect blend of these two courses to help students become notsimply competent professionals but deft academicians as well. 

Contact Details

Peepal Bot Marg, Old Baneshwor

Kathmandu, 44660 Nepal

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Key Training Facilities


Aircraft Maintenance Training

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