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Flight Attendant Express

Winter Park, Florida

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Empowering you with the knowledge to reach for the sky!

Flight Attendant Express has been making dreams come true since 1998! We are the only true flight attendant school created and taught by experienced flight attendants.

There are plenty of flight attendant jobs available right now!
Only 5 - 10% of all airline applicants get the flight attendant job, one of the most coveted jobs in the world. By attending our course, you will have taken an important step to arm yourself with the proper tools and eliminate much of the stress of interviewing and training, making it a successful and fun experience.

The United States government mandates that all U.S. air carriers train newly-hired flight attendants on their aircraft and procedures; however, with a typical failure rate of 30% in initial airline training, there is a definite need for preparation! Airlines will give you a great deal of information to learn in a relatively short time frame, making it a challenge to learn in the time allotted.

You will not be able to work as a flight attendant until and unless you can pass their stringent training. Our program will teach you the FAA rules and other safety and emergency-related information that is universal, no matter which airline you go with, so that you can greatly increase your chances of successful completion of the airline training.

Our state-of-the-art program is cost effective, well-rounded and is absolutely the only training you will ever need to obtain a flight attendant career. And our instructors have real airline flight attendant experience – they are not travel agents! We can greatly increase your chances of success by teaching you good interviewing skills, safety training and placement with an airline. We are the premier flight attendant training program.

Things that set us apart from other programs are:

  • We actually meet, practice with you in role-playing mock interviews.
  • 90% placement rate.
  • Many airlines looking for Flight Attendants!

Our program is equivalent to approximately 78 hours. This includes 2 weeks of distance learning to learn the safety information that will help you pass airline training, plus 5 information-packed days in beautiful, exciting Orlando, Florida, where we will guide you through the challenging interview process and prepare you for your interview – that’s all you need! Airline recruiters attend our classes and we´re the ONLY class owned and operated by Flight Attendants, and our instructors are current Flight Attendants with major U.S. airlines.

Upon graduation you will receive our certificate and we continue to work with you after you leave class, assisting you with setting up interviews and referring you to airlines. Flight Attendant Express will get you ready for the entire interview process.

We offer Lifetime Placement Assistance!


Flight Attendant Express
3001 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, Florida, 32792
United States

+1 (407) 212-6357



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