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Columbia Aviation Center

Scappoose, Oregon

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We offer conventionally geared ASEL and AMEL instruction, from private pilot, instrument, commercial, AMEL, ATP, and all fixed wing instructor ratings.

We are the real deal. No short cuts, no quicky programs, if you want to learn how to really fly airplanes, we are it. Ask anyone who knows about flying, they will all agree, learn in a taildragger.

We do all primary flight training in conventionally geared aircraft, affectionately known as taildraggers, because we have found that taildragger trained pilots fly better. They advance more quickly when flying high performance aircraft, helicopters and gyrocopters because they are simply better pilots.

It´s more work to learn in a taildragger, that´s true, because a taildragger pilot has more things to learn than a tricylce geared student pilot, such as wheel landings, so it takes a little more time to solo, but the investment is well worth it and will pay off for a lifetime.

Once you master a taildragger, you will never have an airplane get ahead of you.


Columbia Aviation Center
Scappoose Industrial Airpark
34000 Skyway Drive
Scappoose, Oregon, 97056
United States

+1 (503) 522-4842



Training Categories

Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Courses

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)Instrument Rating (IR) Flight Instructor - Instrument Tailwheel Mountain FlyingEXM Ground School Classes


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