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AFTC is a FAA Part 141 accredited Flight School approved to conduct flight training under both FAR 61 and FAR 141. Specializing in accelerated pilot training courses, AFTC offers high quality training towards all pilot certificates in a fraction of the normal training time.

With a team of very experienced and dedicated flight instructors, working full time with only you, AFTC is able to complete your pilot certification in less time than most other flight schools. Teaming up with AFTC and focusing 100% on your flying, you can obtain your Instrument Rating from start to finish in as little as 10 days, and your Commercial Pilot License in 6 days. Each training course is individually designed to make sure all your training needs are met.

10-Day Accelerated Instrument Rating (IR) Course
With a professional team of flight instructors who on average have more than 8,000 hours of flight experience each, AFTC is able to teach Instrument Rating students in a fast and efficient way. The 10-Day Instrument Rating course is a ‘total immersion’ course designed to take you through the Instrument Rating in the shortest time practical without sacrificing on the quality of instruction.

7-Day Instrument Rating (IR) Completion Course
If you have already started your IR Training elsewhere and are looking to complete your Instrument Rating at a faster pace, then contact AFTC about their 7-Day instrument Rating Course. Similar to the 10-Day course, this is a ‘total immersion’ course designed to complete your training in the shortest time practical without sacrificing on the quality of instruction.

6-Day Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Course
Obtain your CPL in a single-engine or multi-engine aircraft with AFTC in just 6 days. The course is designed around intensive flight training over a short period of time to accelerate your flying skills to a commercial level.

If you cannot travel to AFTC, and have access to your own aircraft, then AFTC will send an instructor to you. Train fulltime in your own environment.

Part 141 Career Pilot Program
AFTC is accredited by the FAA and The State Department to train both International and Domestic students through a structured curriculum and graduation process. AFTC’s Career Pilot Program consists of

  1. Private Pilot License (PPL) Training
  2. Instrument Rating (IR) Training
  3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating
  4. 250hrs Flight Time
  5. Certificate of Graduation from a FAA Part 141 Course
  6. Letter of Recommendation from AFTC

Other Training Courses at AFTC
AFTC also offer training for the Private Pilot License (PPL), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI / CFII / MEI) and the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). AFTC also offer Accelerated Helicopter Training.

Contact AFTC for more information about these courses.

AFTC has an Experienced Team of Flight Instructors
AFTC specializes in fast-track training programs that would only be possible with a very experienced team of instructors. On average, each instructor at AFTC has more than 8,000 hours of flight experience.

AFTC has a Large and Well Maintained Fleet of Aircraft
AFTC operate a fleet of 15 new Cessna C172 with Garmin G1000 glass-panel avionics and 3 C172 with conventional avionics. AFTC also has a Cirrus SR22, a Beech Duchess multi-engine aircraft and a Redbird Full Motion simulator.

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Accelerated Flight Training Center is rated 3.9 based on 7 reviews

27 Sep 2016

Flying IFR with these folks really opened my eyes to flying. The level of knowledge Is really something. 10 days and check ride day 11. The examiner was awesome and made it feel laid back. Talk to these guys if you are serious about getting your rating Tom Tom

21 Sep 2016

I got my private here in 2013. The AFT crew and the Airflite crew are all awesome. Finished up my private in 24 days with a day off in between to take care of some business . These guys know what they are doing and they get it done on time. In my experience looking through these reviews, people who complain always complain no matter what you give them. I had a great experience here and would come back no problem . Mark

20 Sep 2016

Being a student at AFTC I´ve had the privilege of acquiring an IFR rating, and a commercial license in a relatively short amount of time, now working towards a multi-engine commercial add on and a CFI license I can say that the level of knowledge, experience and training received at this school is outstanding. If you have an opportunity to train at this school don´t hesitate. Training in a very comfortable environment as well as in an accelerated program isn´t easy but somehow they pulled it off. Rock

20 Sep 2016

Great experience and attention to detail too. Got my IFR in 10 days and couldn´t be happier Michael Michael

18 Aug 2016

I went in to do my Instrument rating with them. I wanted to use a G1000 and they said no problem. When I showed up for my flight no aircraft to be found. They don´t even have any aircraft and barrow them from other flight schools. Not only do they borrow they make you pay a higher rate! Then they wanted me to pay up front the full amount for the training. Brought out some contract that was a total scam! Make sure to read through the whole contract! I saw the aircraft they were going to do my training in and looked up the school written on the aircraft. The school written on the aircraft had no problem finishing me up and for a better price! TOTAL SCAM Jake

16 Jul 2016

The owners of this school post all over the internet with fake accounts, beware! I was scammed by these people and they took a lot of money from me. I put money up front and they suddenly changed the amount needed and charged me with hidden fee´s for everything. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Tom

01 Jul 2016

I got my Private Pilot with these guys many years ago. Very relaxed and laid back attitude. I was worried about a lot of stuff as students usually are, but they did a great job putting me at ease. Passed on the first attempt and am stocked. Robert