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Don´t let just anyone in Reno give you the flight training you need, give our friendly and professional team at Ace Flight School the opportunity to earn your business. With our unique fleet of Diamond Aircraft and Professional Flight Instructors, we guarantee your satisfaction!

We offer personalized training for the Sport, Recreational, Private and Instrument flight certificates as well as for the Commercial, Multiengine, CFI, CFII and MEI certificates. Additional programs include mountain flying unusual attitude recovery and tailwheel endorsements.

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Accepts students from Virginia
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Reno-Stead Airport
Reno, NV 89506
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29 Apr 2016

Peaceful and quiet location in the high desert, nicely maintained and clean aircraft, ..... Jack is an very personable and highly enthusiastic instructor and very down to earth. I will be back !!! Marvin J.

06 Feb 2016

I have had issues in the past with my ability to learn quickly and with simple comprehension. As an engineer by trade I have the disfunction of over analyzing everything I do and the patience, understanding and simplification that my instructor Jack was able to provide helped me to my first solo flight in short or with complete understanding and safety in the flight environment. Now, on to cross country flight skills and navigation,,, Woo Hoo!! T. Edward

30 Jan 2016

Truly a rewarding experience with professional and experienced instruction in modern up to date aircraft. This, all done in a relaxed one on one environment tailored to the client´s needs and individual pace which by the way for me culminated in gaining my Private Pilot Certificate in 56 hours of flight time at a cost unmatched in economy by any other flight school in the Reno, Nevada area. John