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Adana Aviation Flight Academy is a Flight Training Organization, which has been training pilot candidates with the licence of JAA since 2008.

The school is located in Adana. We offer Microlight PPL and Ultralight PPL approval of JAA/EASA.

Adana Aviation Flight Academy has Aeros-2 Microlights.

Also, we have a hanger in Adana to make the maintenance and repairs of the Microlights.

Land, sea-land, instructor course training is available.

Adana Aviation Flight Academy operates mainly weekdays though weekend training can be arranged.Actual course times vary with each student, the minimum legal requirement is that each student must complete 25 hours tuition of which 5 hours must be solo.It would be unfair to the student to lead them to believe that everyone may achieve a pilot certificate in 25 hrs as this is usually not the case. 25hrs to 40hrs training is required for most students to achieve the required proficiency.Training is most effective if it is done in 3-4 day blocks. This allows for a more intensive programme and also takes advantage of varying weather conditions.

Microlights are known for their ease of handling and SIMPLICITY. This is the way we approach our theory training.Adana Aviation Flight Academy will provide all of the theory required to obtain your pilots certificate and a considerable amount more to give you the confidence to fly safely.This does not mean that we will spend countless hours in the classroom pouring over manuals -- it means that we will be imparting applied theory and how it relates to our particular aircraft.

Biennial Flight Review
It is a requirement that each pilot complete a flight review every two years.A biennial check should be considered as an opportunity for the pilot to remove bad habits, brush up on their skills, and gain confidence.A check flight should cover the same requirements as those for the issue of a pilot certificate such as --aircraft inspection, pre take off checks, circuit procedures, climb, descend, turns, stalls, forced landing, at least two circuits to land, post flight inspection and airmanship, If a radio operators endorsement is held then correct radio procedures must also be observed. The average check flight should last approximately 60 minutes.If you require any info on the above requirements it can e-mailed it to you.

We charge $170.00/hour for instruction in our aircraftTheory and aircraft maintenance is charged at $73.00/hourOnsite accommodation is available for as little as $30.00/night/person with full use of the facilities that include showers, toilets, washing machine, stove, microwave and fridge.

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