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Imagine, if you will, The Ultimate Flight Training School. The "Top Gun" of civilian flight training where you receive the best instruction in the industry while helping a child to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot. We have brought together all of the proper elements to provide you with the most thrilling, rewarding, and complete aviation experience possible. We think the combination of seasoned professional instructors, clean, well maintained equipment, a wide variety of standard & exotic aircraft, and a staff that is focused on the same goal of providing excellent customer service is the right one for unparalleled satisfaction.

We are partnered with Utah Valley University (UVU) where you can enroll in online courses in their Professional Collegiate Program. Enroll online and choose Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum as your flight school of choice.

The Aero Squad is designed to be a series of flight training schools from different airports in many communities. We started at Torrance Airport in Torrance, CA. with the Torrance Aero Squad and we are under negotiations to open our 2nd location at Compton Airport in Compton CA. All of the locations operate under one management team who all share a passion for satisfied customers and helping the young adults of our communities. From the moment you walk through the door of any of our locations you will be given the V.I.P. Hollywood treatment!

We can train you for:
  • Private Pilot (Single & Multi engine), requirements; 16 years old for solo & 17 years old for Private Pilot’s License. 40 hours minimum total flight time. 10 hours of this 40 hour course must be solo (alone). 5 hours of this 10 hours of solo must be cross country. You must pass a 60 question Private Pilot FAA Written Exam. You must pass a Private Pilot Oral and Practical Flight Test.
  • Instrument Pilot Airplane (Single & Multi Engine), requirements; Private Pilot’s License. 125 hours minimum total flight time. 20 hours of 40 hour Dual instruction must be in an aircraft, not simulator. 50 hours of cross country flight time as a licensed pilot. You must pass a Instrument Pilot FAA Written Exam. You must pass a Instrument Pilot Oral and Practical Flight Test
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane (Single & Multi Engine), requirements; 18 years of age. 250 hours minimum total flight time. 50 hours of which can be Simulator time. 100 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) flight time. 5 hours of night flight time. 10 hours flight time in complex aircraft in prep of flight test. You must pass commercial pilot FAA Written Exam. You must pass Commercial Pilot Oral and Practical flight test.
  • Flight Instructor & Instrument Flight Instructor, requirements; 18 years of age with first or second class medical certificate. Commercial Pilot certificate with Instrument Rating. You must have passed Certified Flight Instructor FAA Written Exam. You must have passed Fundamentals of Instruction FAA Written Exam. You must have passed Certified Flight Instructor Oral & Practical flight test.
  • Ground Instructor Ratings and Airline Transport Pilot (Single & Multi Engine), and more.
*These are the minimum requirements by the FAA. The national average is higher and your actual hours will vary depending on your ability. Your total cost for training is dependant on the number of hours you fly to complete your training.

Our location is the key, the LA basen has the perfect weather pattern which gives us beautiful flying conditions year-round. Hotels and other accommodations are within walking distance of all of our locations. Complementary airport pickup from LAX and residential guide/councilors are available for forgein students.

This is more than a flight school; it’s a concept and a solution. The perfect win, win, win situation. This school is the foundation of a program that addresses a nationwide problem that affects all children in all communities, the lack of after school activities, mentorship, positive role models, and funding for pilot training. Studies have shown that the highest percentages of juvenile crimes occur between the hours from 3-6 p.m.

The Aero Squad After School Program keeps kids off the streets and prepare them for a great career.

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