Manises, Spain

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School Overview

Have you recently got your pilot licence and need flying experience? Would you like to live the experience of flying for an airline, in all weather conditions, flying to many different countries?

If your answer is “Yes”, this is the most suitable place to make it real.

Aeronova Airlines, with more than 18 years experience on charter-regular operations, puts its training programs at your disposal to help you achieve your professional goals.

Fairchild SA227 program: Type rating + Base training + Line training. Thanks to this program, you will enjoy the experience of flying for one of the main operators of this model, carrying out charter-regular operations.

Program detail:

  • Type rating
  • 6 touch and go’s
  • 120 hours as a copiloton type

Once you have finished the basic program you can acquire “Follow ups” to increase your hours on type. We are open to discuss special conditions for commercial pilot training centers as well as groups of pilots.


ATR 42/72 Program: Type rating + Base training. The ATR program includes the type rating of the most important regional turboprop aircraft and one of the 5 most flown aircrafts worldwide.

Program detail:

  • 80 hours of groundschool training in our facilities.
  • 32 hours of full flight simulator (ATR Toulouse – Francia).
  • Touch and go’s in one of our aircrafts.

Contact Details

Valencia Airport
Av. dels Arcs, 10

Manises, 46940 Spain

+34 961 521 136

Key Training Facilities


Multi-Engine Time Building Type Ratings (TRTO)

Training Programs

Class and Type Rating Courses

ATR 42 ATR 72 Fairchild Metro III

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