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Subang, Malaysia


The Air Adventure Flying Club a registered and CAAM ATO (approved training organisation) operates 5 aircrafts 7 days a week and conducts PPL training to local and foreigners holding a valid work permit in Malaysia. Rates are from RM49000 in a Cessna 150 to RM 53-55000 in a Cessna 172P.

The club is operating Cessna 172M, 172N, 172P, 172SP as well as a Cessna 150M.

The AAFC operates from the old Kuala Lumpur international airport and is 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur town center, Subang International Airport, WMSA.

The Club has a total membership of 600 ( as of July 2021) and is training an average of 25 students a year.

The Club operates with zero incidents since its launch in 2008.

We have moved all our daily ground classes (conducted 8pm to0 10 pm) online due to Covid-19 as well as for convenience to all our students. 

Flight training is conducted sunrise to sunset 7 days a week, weather permitting.

Our instructors speak English, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese, German and French.

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Subang International Airport
Subang 47200

+60 137232345

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Air Adventure Flying Club is rated 4.8 based on 4 reviews

17 Jul 2021

Have been with the club since Feb 2020. Had my first flight with Capt Andreas. Very supportive and great group of people. Easily contactable and great group of student from all ages. You won´t feel rushed and can take your time learning since there is always someone to help. Sometimes the discussions can go on till late at night and all have great fun. The COVID situation has made flying difficult but again every school in KL is having the same problem. Personally i would without hesitation say this is the best private flying school. Give it a try and i bet you won´t go wrong. Stay safe. Balan

14 Jul 2021

I had a great day with this flying club in January 2021. Had a introduction flight and my first flying lessons. Awesome experience and Capt Andreas was so supportive; explained a lot and made me enjoy these first journeys despite challenging winds. Lots of airplanes in this flying club. Next for me is paper works, start study and sign up for my PPL. Ella

14 Jul 2021

Joined as a member in 2019. Awesome service, largest flying club in Malaysia and most knowledgable staff. Best club in Malaysia for those enjoying flying and seek for their PPL. Having the largest pool of aircrafts as flying club as well. Total of 5 planes where 3 are dedicated to training. Notice other review. Clearly unfair as all flying academies and clubs went trough tough times after Malaysia Aviation standard was downgraded with new regulations and requirements to comply with. Covid didnt help as well. Its frustrating for all waiting to get up in the air, but as pilots important to with patience and to apply some good judgement and consideration to any situation. Started flying in fall 2020 and got my license April 2021. Great follow up and good support throughout the whole journey. If you thinking on learning to fly? dont hesitate. Air Adventure is definitely the best choice in Malaysia. T

20 Aug 2016

Graduated with a PPL in early 2015, AAFC located in Subang is ideal for the student pilot. I have been fortunate to be coached by Capt Chow, retired RMAF Major in flying the Cessna 172P. Expect to spend about RM50 to 60K and going solo about 45 hrs with total of 60 hrs before award of PPL by DCA. A