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Welcome to All American Aviation Services! We serve Ft. Bragg, NC and all surrounding areas from Fayetteville Regional Airport with affordable Pilot Training and Aircraft Rentals. We provide flexible hours, tailor all training to your needs and we will do our best to adapt to your work schedule!

With All American Aviation Services you can take your first steps towards becoming a pilot or build your flying experience with more ratings or higher certificates. As a member of our Rental Club you can also take advantage of our extremely low rental rates.

Learn to Fly With All American Aviation Services

Let one of our experienced flight instructors take you on an unforgettable introduction flight where you will be the pilot and do most of the flying. Learning to fly with All American Aviation Services is safe, affordable and most of all, very fun! Your first flight with us will also count as your first hour of flight training towards a Private Pilot License.

Earn Your Private Pilot License

The first certificate a pilot earns is the Private Pilot License (PPL). This will allow you to act as the Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft under visual flying rules, carrying yourself and whoever you take with you on a flight for non-commercial purposes. As a Private Pilot you are free to fly almost anywhere, day-or-night, provided the weather is good enough to see where you are flying by looking outside the aircraft. The minimum training requirements to get a Private Pilot License is 40 hours of flying and, depending on how frequently you wish to fly, it can be done in 1-2months as a fulltime student or over the course of 6-months to a year if you fly once or twice per week (or whenever your schedule allows). At All American Aviation Services we are flexible, and will adapt the training to fit your schedule.

Get Your Instrument Rating

If you already hold a Private Pilot License, then the Instrument Rating is the next step to advance your flying skills. An Instrument Rating expands the reach of your pilot’s certificate by enabling you to safely fly in less than Visual Flight Weather. The Instrument Rating Course consist of a minimum of 40 flight hours of actual or simulated instrument flying, of which 15 hours must be completed with a certified flight instructor. You also need to have a minimum of 50 hours cross-country experience before you complete the Instrument Rating course. Depending on your schedule, you can earn your Instrument Rating with All American Aviation Services in as little as 1-2 months (full time) or 6-12 months (part-time flying once or twice per week). Whichever option you prefer, we will tailor the training around your schedule.

Accelerated Private Pilot or Instrument Rating Course - Finish up your PPL or Instrument Rating with our 15-days accelerated course.

Other Pilot Training Courses

Aircraft Checkout
Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) Training
Commercial Pilot License Training
Certified Flight Instructor Training
Complex Endorsement
Flight Reviews
FAA Exams
Instrument Proficiency Checks
Multi-Engine Class Rating

Aircraft Fleet

All our Flight School aircraft are IFR Certified and we have a/c units.

2 Piper Warrior PA28-140 (160HP)
2 Piper Warrior PA28-140 (150HP)
1 Piper Warrior PA28-160 (160HP)
1 Cessna C172 (Very well equipped with GNS530W, Autopilot and aux fuel)
1 Piper Arrow PA28R (Complex; retractable undercarriage)

Aircraft Rental Club

1st May 2013 All American Aviation Services started the Rental Club to better support our ever growing client base. Extremely low priced rentals for time building is offered to those clients who wish to become members. We have pre-negotiated a fuel discount for all members and can offer aircraft rental rates as cheap as $39 per hour dry for a Cessna 150.

The Rental Club Fleet comprises of:

3 Cessna 150 @ $39/hr dry (Rental Members)
1 PA28-161 @ $60/hr dry (Rental Members)
1 PA28-140 @ $60/hr dry (Rental Members) (coming soon)

Contact Us Today and find out about affordable Flight Training and Aircraft Rental with All American Aviation Services.

Active Duty Military and Veteran Discounts for Rental

Finance through Pilot Finance Inc. Accepted

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