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Alpine Aviation Academy

Caldwell, Idaho

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At Alpine Aviation Academy, our business plan is to offer professional, hands on helicopter and/or airplane flight instruction from experienced, high-time instructors having a wide variety of real world aviation experience. Our mission is to provide its students with the highest quality aviation education andflight trainingpossible. Our goal is to prepare students to easily transition into the world of professional flying upon completion of their training. We accomplish this by combining first class, one on one instruction with real world experience training.

As a school, we have partnered with commercial operators to help facilitate a hands on approach to real commercial flying. Alpine Aviation is owned and operated by pilots, so we understand the difficulties flight training poses on the individual as well as their finances and family.

Our location in Caldwell, Idaho offers a wide variety of different environmental exposure that is beneficial to becoming an experienced pilot. The treasure valley offers student pilots flight experience on scenic rivers, rugged mountains, open prairies, and lots of rolling hills full of agriculture. During the summer the increased temperatures allow us to train in a high Density Altitude environment, which is important for high altitude experience. The Caldwell Industrial Airport is located in uncontrolled (class G) airspace, which allows a lower stress and workload training environment. We are minutes from the Boise airport, which is in controlled (class C) airspace giving us the ability to train our pilots in controlled airspace/airport operations as well as Instrument training.

We offer courses to get your…..

Private License (PPL)
A private pilot license is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby, personal business or who are planning to purchase their own aircraft. With your private pilot certificate you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers flying while acting as pilot in command.

Instrument Rating (IR)
The instrument rating is for private pilots who wish to improve their piloting skills, learn more about navigation, weather, and aircraft systems. If wanting to become a commercial pilot many employers require an instrument rating.

Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL)
The commercial pilot course is for people with a private pilot rating who wish to continue their training, either to increase proficiency or for future employment possibilities.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
This course is for pilots who hold a commercial pilot certificate and want to obtain a certified flight instructor certificate. This allows a pilot to give flight instruction and endorse logbooks of others. This program is recommended if looking for possible employment as a pilot. Most career pilots use this as a way to build their first 1000 hours in order to get hired into the commercial pilot industry.

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)
This course is for the instrument rated commercial pilot that wants to be able to teach instrument to other pilots.

Advanced Helicopter Operations
This course is for the experienced helicopter pilot that wants to further their training into commercial operations. This includes advanced autorotations, mountain flying, snow landings, long line training, power management, etc.


Alpine Aviation Academy
Caldwell Industrial Airport
606 Dauntless Place
Caldwell, Idaho, 83605
United States

+1 (208) 850-8252



Training Categories

Flight Training (Airplane) Flight Training (Helicopter)

Training Courses

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)Instrument Rating (IR) Flight Instructor - Instrument Tailwheel Mountain FlyingCT Ground School Classes


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