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Arizona Type Ratings (ATR) president and founder, Mitch Ange, has trained and typed thousands of pilots since the late 80’s. Mitch continues to use his 20 years of experience as a Citation instructor and examiner to provide a level of training that far exceeds a typical flight school.

All ATR courses include a comprehensive ground school, all flight training and the FAA flight check. Our approach to training consists of classical classroom instruction as well as "one on one" personalized instruction in our aircraft or in the customers aircraft if preferred.

ATR offers accelerated CitationJet training… Type rating in a CitationJet can typically be accomplished in 4 or 5 days, and if you are already typed in any of the Citation family of aircraft, a day or two less.

We’re currently implementing new computer based simulations to enhance our classroom training. Take a look at our Courses section to see a sample CJST simulation.

Arizona Type Ratings Course is designed to provide the advanced and career-orientated pilot with a comprehensive approach to aircraft systems and flight characteristics should they wish to transfer aircraft or upgrade their flight skills. We can also be the last training segment for aspiring airline pilots. For these students, this is often times their first experience working in a crew, or two-person cockpit environment. And although we specifically focus and use the Citation for our course, the knowledge obtained readily transfers to any jet aircraft.

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