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School Overview

Aviation Career Center provides ZERO to ATPL and Airbus A320 Type Rating training, performed by airline experienced instructors and training experts.


Our academy specializes in ZERO TO ATPL training, where we take the student without any previous experiences all the way to Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating Multi Engine and ATPL frozen.

We have 3 Training courses per year: MARCH / JUNE / SEPTEMBER. The average Zero to ATPL group consist of 8 - 10 students, not more, because we like to keep our groups of students small, but more personal

ZERO to ATPL Training program consists of:

1. Private Pilot Licence with Night Rating;

2. Pilot-in-Command Solo Flight Time Experience Building; 

3. ATPL theoretical course (including all 14 ATPL subjects, Classroom and Self-Study);

4. Single and Multi-Engine Piston Instrument Rating;

5. Commercial Pilot Licence;

After you finish the training, you obtain EASA ATPL Frozen (CPL/IR/ME + ATPL theory) license.

Additionally, you can also decide to perform the Airbus A320 Family Type Rating training.

Duration of training is up to 18 months. This period already includes buffer time for vacation time, bad weather… The training can be sooner, depending on your progress during the training.

The Price is All-Inclusive and already includes:

- Theoretical and Flight Training

- Training materials (CAE Oxford CBT, AviationExam, )

- Instructors cost, Fuel cost and VAT

- All Exam Flights and Airport Landing fees

- Student Package - Apple iPad, Keyboard, Knee-board, Apple Pen, Personal Headphones...

- Job placement and recruitment support


We provide training on a comprehensive fleet of airplanes with high reliability and ease of piloting. Single and twin engine airplanes are equipped with modern GLASS COCKPIT equipment in basic and advanced training.

Home-base airport is International Airport Maribor, located next to Slovenia´s second largest city, the city of Maribor. The airport is fully equipped with Instrument Landing System, Ground Services and Support.

Aviation Career Center welcomes all international students offering assistance with gaining all required approvals for training, as well as accommodation in Slovenia.

Contact Details

International Airport Maribor
Letališka cesta 10

International Airport Maribor, Slovenia - EU, 2000 Slovenia

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Multi-Engine Time Building

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) Multi Pilot License (MPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Flight Instructor - Instrument Night Rating Instrument Rating (IR) Multi-Engine Class Rating EASA ATPL Ground School

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Aviation Career Center - ACC is rated 4.6 stars based on 10 reviews

on 30-APR, 2020


I was to start this school on 3rd of march, 2020 but due to coronavirus I had to cancel it. The contract they offered me was an abuse. They asked me for money in advance but now they said they can only return me 3000 euros out of 10000 euros even though I called them 3 days in advance before the contract was supposed to start and let them now I am not coming.

on 13-NOV, 2019


Very satisfied with the overall training experience. The guys at ACC are very professional and helpful, they even helped me find a job after the training (flying now in UK as F/O), for which I´m very thankful. Keep up the good work guys! ;)

on 28-MAR, 2019


Very professional and helpful staff, great airplanes, lots of flying, great environment. I definitely recommend!

on 22-NOV, 2018


Very happy with the progress, a lot of flying, great instructors, great airport, very helpful staff... overall 5/5!

on 5-FEB, 2018


With ACC I completed my training in 20 months and got important experience with many different airplanes, countries and airports. Maribor airport is excellent location weather- and flying-wise and since it is controlled airport and, expect to get really important experience with controllers and other scheduled traffic. As school, ACC has a nice brand new facility in Maribor airport which I really did enjoy. Staff is professional, works fast and cares about the progress of their students. ACC is growing fast and has potential becoming one of the best flight schools in Europe.

on 3-FEB, 2018


Very helpful... Professional... Honest administration... Disciplined...

on 23-AUG, 2017


The Team and the Managment is very professional, a lot of flying, so far very statisfied with my Training at ACC - Aviation Career Center.

on 18-AUG, 2017


I had the pleasure of working with this team during my training. Very kind, cooperative and supportive individuals, and always ready to assist colleagues and customers. They have the required personality for the area of expertise. I really enjoyed working with them and still remember our first conversation before and after my Training. Also I was really impressed with their thorough professionalism and their enthusiasm to work. Their professionalism, attention to quality and detail is admirable and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and the highest standards is an asset to any organisation,that´s why I highly recommend them.

on 16-AUG, 2017


Small school, but guys are very professional, the airport is great and I´m really satisfied so far

on 9-AUG, 2017


Been training there for a couple of months now, so far it all seems ok and profeasional