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AVIATIONLEARN Aerospace Maintenance Technician (AMT) Blended Learning Program

Our Aerospace Maintenance Technician (AMT) blended Learning provides theoretical and virtual practical training for entry or experienced personnel for conversion to Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAE), based on European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 standards and requirements. AMT courseware covers 3 categories of training for certification in Part 66, including Category A for technicians, Category B1 for mechanical engineers and Category B2 for avionic engineers.

AMT Blended Learning Program delivers theoretical training through E-Learning and Instructor-Led facilitation, where it adopts Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) approach. The AMT E-Learning is pedagogically developed, based on European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 66 standards and requirements, to provide self-directed learning and guide trainees through the course with the virtual instructor. The semi guided curriculum allows trainees the control over their pace of learning, giving them the flexibility to revisit content, type in notes, to bookmark their last visited page and many more. To enable constant feedback and reinforcement of knowledge, quizzes and assessments are inserted consistently in the courseware.

The increasing focus on safety and skill based training on new aircraft type intensifies the need for trainees to understand the modules and practical elements prior to practicing on the real aircraft. The AMT Blended Learning Program and training solutions are designed with the right mix of E-Learning and Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) in the hangar environment that allows trainees access to all aircraft panels and controls in a 3D cockpit environment cockpit-initiated BITE, virtual test equipment, active schematics, LRUs and a suite of malfunctions and component locations. VMT trains trainees on the full spectrum of systems, procedures, realistic troubleshooting and fault finding skills in a virtual environment.

AMT Blended Learning Program provides low cost solution to trainees who are intending to attain certification through their own means and customized package to corporations who are sponsoring their employees for LAE certification. In our Learning Management System (LMS) that is integrated with our AMT Blended Learning Program, it provides instructors and administrators the ability to track trainee’s progression and grades during the term of study. The initiatives in moving practical training hours off of the flight line into simulations have demonstrated that cost savings can be realised while achieving similar results in operational flight training. A good cost-benefit analysis and curriculum design assigning the right mix of fidelity to training phases is also key in achieving these results. Other customization includes customized E-Learning content and virtual environment procedures with the real world environment and the available “live” aircraft training facilities i.e. virtual procedural simulation and training on the “live” aircraft available.

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