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The private pilot’s licence is a wonderful way to see the world from a new perspective. It becomes very easy to fly off for a spot lunch or to go slightly further afield to stock up on duty free!

Aviatori.LV Flying School can set you off on the airway to success - whether you are looking for a career within aviation, to fly for fun, or just a new challenge. We are fortunate to operate from Adazhi Airfield EVAD with state-of-the-art modern facilities, giving a high-quality training environment. We are very easy to find within the terminal building and you can always be sure of a warm greeting from our friendly and approachable staff.

Whether you want to gain your JAR-PPL license within a few weeks or you want to have one lesson per month, we can tailor your training to meet your needs at a pace that suits you. We keep our students with the same instructor throughout the course, which gives good continuity and enables a good rapport to be built.

Our training courses are very structured, and you will find that after just a few hours of training you are able to control the aircraft accurately and safely.

Training can begin as early as the age of 14, and students can fly solo from 16, with licenses being granted from 17. Before you can fly solo, you must have a medical with a Civil Aviation Authority approved Medical Examiner. During the course there are some ground examinations to sit, although these are not particularly difficult to pass given a little time and effort.

At the end of the course you will need to sit a skills test with a qualified examiner. You will be entered for the test when your instructor feels you are ready and confident of a pass, so again this is nothing to worry about. Once you have completed all the requirements you may apply to the Civil Aviation Authority for your license. After this, the skies the limit...

The JAR-PPL is a European pilot’s licence and is accepted in most countries around the world. This license will allow you to rent an aircraft on holiday and fly anywhere you wish! The JAR-PPL will allow you to fly clear of cloud by day, but there are additional qualifications that you can add to your licence, which allow you to fly in, or above the cloud and/or at night. These are explained in a little more detail below.

The JAR-PPL requires a minimum of 45 hours flying, 10 of which will be spent solo. During the early part of the course you are taught how to manouvre the aircraft before moving on to the most exhilarating part – learning to take-off and land. After this you are taught how to navigate and what to do if things don’t go according to plan!

It is possible to gain your license within the minimum 45 hours, although we should stress that the national average is more like 55 hours flying. The time that it takes to achieve the JAR-PPL depends upon the frequency of your lessons. If you take one or two lessons per week, which seems to be most popular with students, then you can expect to have your licence within a year of starting or to take a very intensive course and gain your licence in just a few weeks (weather dependant!!)

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