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Avioservice (MIGOT Ltd.) is a fully JAA-certified aeroplane pilot training school based in Riga, Latvia. Flight school provide the ground and flight training for those who headed to become a pilot. We work individually with every student and provide the complete training program including books and materials, lodging, visa support (for NON-EU residents), individual and group ground training, and a convenient schedule of flight training.

Training Course Prices
PPL: 6000Eur

  1. PPL Flight Training - 45 hours.
  2. Complete set of PPL workbooks (or CDs).
  3. Student set - (Pilot Log book, Flight computer, Flight manuals, Aeronautical charts, etc.)
  4. PPL ground training - individual academic training with instructors.
  5. Progress check tests, distant support.
  6. No fuel surcharges.
  7. Transfers by car - From your apartments to/from airfield/classroom/ and also on arrival and before departure to/from airport.

ATPL: 3.100GBP and 19.000 EUR
ATPL training in cooperation with partners

Consists of: 3.100 GBP - the ATPL Theory Oxford Aviation Academy distant training (including brush-up courses in OAA)

Includes - academic training materials, ATPL subject textbooks, Oxford Aviation Academy ground distant training course, two brush-up courses with 2 weeks of training in Oxford (with on-site lodging and breakfast).

19.000 EUR - 155 hours of flight practice

Flight training includes: Time building up to 200hrs, with CPL, MEP, IR, ME-IR ratings.

When you complete the theory and practical flight training program you will become the proud owner of the Pilot´s License (PPL or fATPL) that is in accordance with all the requirements and standards of the European Union.

Accommodation in a flight school hotel, double bed room - from 10Eur per day (not shared, Internet). Dinner at a student cafe – from 2Eur.

Training program for PPL (A)/ATPL(A)
Partially the training can be done remotely and by attending our individually-designed courses in our school and ATPL course brush ups in OAA. The program is based on the modern methods of interactive learning. All of our instructors are individuals with a broad range of experience in professional aviation such as airline pilots, aviation company staff, and pilot training instructors.

Practical training on the program of PPL (A) / ATPL(A)
The practical training program is provided in accordance with European requirements. Total number of required training flight hours are 45 for PPL and 200 for ATPL. PPL training courses include takeoff and landing training, instrument flight, cross-country and night flights(optional). ATPL includes Instrument Rating, Night qualification, CPL and Multi Engine Piston ratings. Training also includes simulated emergency situations and a variety of differing flight condition contingencies.

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