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Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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Ever Dream You Could Fly?

At Bridgewater State University … you will.
Bridgewater State University offers the only four-year degree program in aviation science in the Northeastern United States. Students earn a Bachelor’s in Aviation Science with one of two concentrations – Professional Pilot or Aviation Management.

BSU Aviation alumni can be found in just about every aspect of the aviation industry – domestic and international. BSU Aviation’s professional pilot graduates fly with every major airline, corporate/fractional flight departments and all branches of the armed services. Aviation management graduates are employed with the FAA, Massachusetts Port Authority, airline operations/management, corporate and business aviation, and more. The bottom line: if opportunities exist within the aviation industry, you can be sure that a BSU Aviation graduate is a qualified candidate.

A Brief History
Over the last 30 years, BSU Aviation has grown and matured. The aviation management curriculum has evolved with changes in security procedures and safety management as well as the legal and business aspects of the industry. FAA flight training standards are continually improved.

The most notable change, however, has been within the professional pilot program when, in 2007, Bridgewater State University embarked on a mission to bring the flight training portion of the professional pilot program in-house. In partnership with the City of New Bedford, BSU Aviation leased a facility at the New Bedford Regional Airport. Subsequently, BSU Aviation launched its own aviation training center, leasing 10 aircraft and offering flight training seven days a week with a full-time dispatch center.

Over the past year, BSU Aviation successfully completed an application for candidate status with AABI (Aviation Accreditation Board International), the accrediting standard by which all top aviation programs in the U.S. are measured. Now, BSU Aviation begins the intensive self-study process to help identify any deficiencies and guide the program to continued success.

BSU Flight Training
BSU Aviation offers flight training under FAA Part 141 or Part 61 rules, depending on each student’s situation. The university’s fleet is comprised of eight C172R and two Piper PA28R complex aircraft. In the very near future, the university will add a Piper Seneca I for multi-engine flight training.

Working closely with the FAA to ensure that BSU Aviation is providing the best flight training possible, the Aviation Training Center also houses AATDs (Advanced Aviation Training Devices), more commonly referred to as simulators. These units are incorporated into the training syllabus and are available for use at any time.

BSU Aviation students are strongly encouraged to engage in an aggressive flight training schedule. A three-day-a-week routine saves time and money, ensuring students proficiency with the training material. Military personnel are encouraged to research available VA benefits as new rules can now provide up to 100 percent of the flight training cost.

Non-Credit Flight Training
Bridgewater State University has instituted a noncredit flight training program through its Office of Continuing and Distance Education. Now, anyone can come to BSU Aviation and receive the same professional flight training that is offered to full-time students. This opportunity enables candidates to focus solely on flight training whether for pleasure or to become a professional pilot.

An Eye toward the Future
BSU Aviation understands that training standards and pilot qualifications are in the spotlight and is closely monitoring changes in the field. The FAA is working with industry professionals to ensure best practices; decisions with respect to the changes necessary for airline pilot qualifications will be made within the next two years.

Another area of expansion for all students (flight and management) in BSU Aviation has been the increased emphasis on internships as an important way to build resumes and make valuable contacts. BSU Aviation has deployed students to work with the FAA, various airport managers in New England and Florida, major airlines and corporate flight departments.

BSU Aviation by the Numbers
30 – years BSU Aviation program has been active
6 – years of providing in-house flight training
10 – Certified Flight Instructors on staff
100 – years of combined faculty experience
10 – in-house aircraft

For more information, contact:
Bridgewater State University
Department of Aviation Science
Harrington Hall, Room 111


Bridgewater State University
95 Grove Street
Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 02325
United States

+1 (508) 531-1779



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Flight Training (Airplane) Aviation Degree Programs

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