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Charleston Flight Services,LLC is a part 61 flight school and Section 91.147 (Sight Seeing Operation) located at Charleston Executive Airport (KJZI), on Johns Island, SC.

Our program provides the most affordable, fast-track training to your private, instrument and/or commercial certificates. We fly 7 days a week (weather permitting). Our students train around their own schedules and pay-as-they-go to best suit their budget and life style.

Besides Private through Commercial flight training we also sell Pilot Supplies, offer Ground School, Discovery (Introductory) flights, Aircraft Rentals, Flight Reviews, and Sightseeing Tours around the Charleston area.

We also help Private Pilots regain currency with "refresher flights" for those who have left aviation for years and want to return to the field.

Visit our website for prices, bulk rate flight hour packages, gift certificates and more information!

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Accepts students from Virginia
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Charleston Executive Airport
Johns Island, SC 29455
United States

+1 (843) 709-0899

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09 Nov 2017

I began flight training at zero hours with Charleston Flight Services. Had heard the instructor was hard to deal with, but figured "man, I get along with everyone.. It´ll be different for me". In the end I was fortunate to get my money refunded and move to a better school across town. Originally I did not write a review as I was happy to move on. In the course of several months I have heard from several that they had a similarly bad experience, one of them still trying to recover thousands of dollars in pre-paid flight hours. The instructor at is a very thorough, knowledgeable, skilled and safe pilot and teaches flight in an exciting and challenging way. Unfortunately there seems to be a personality clash which was not just for me, but for around a dozen pilots I´ve met who flew at this school. This is a warning to all to approach with caution or find another place if you have dreams of completing a PPL at one school. The lower prices are not worth the pain. Tim

03 May 2017

I would absolutely not recommend Charleston Flight Services for anyone that is actually looking to fly in a plane with one of their staff. I purchased an aerial tour for two as a gift for my stepdad (an aviation attorney who grew up flying planes), and his exchange with whomever was supposed to arrange the flights was extremely unprofessional. Their behavior was erratic, and they were forgetful, rude, and incompetent. They did everything over text message, and repeatedly forgot names and dates. It does not take a genius to see that anyone taking people into the sky should have an extreme attention to detail, and whoever is running the operation at Charleston Flight Services is severely lacking in that department as well as basic customer service. Jenny

19 Jan 2017

I had several lessons with Charleston Flight Services. They canceled my lessons several times. When I text their pilot my frustration about getting canceled several times he text, "...are you exercising a controlling tendency?" When their pilot found out that I was a pharmaceutical rep he asked if there was anyway I could get him, or knew of anyone who could get him a schedule III controlled substance for starting and maintaining anesthesia on animals. He advised he would be using it for his dog. This made me very uncomfortable and I subsequently met with the Charleston police department. When I told Charleston Flight Services that I no longer felt comfortable with their services the pilot text back, "....I tell you what if I see one trace of one element of that honest story of me trying to help my dog by reflecting upon that I will 100% sue you for defamation....Your number will be blocked from here on out." This is just my personal experience with them. N Smith