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Minna, Nigeria


Eagleair Flight Training Centre was established at Minna Airport, Nigeria, in March of 2012 with the object of JAA/FAA certification.

With the continued expansion in the air transport industry airlines around the world are seeking literally thousands of applications from good quality candidates every week.

We aim to provide excellent flight training where the student comes first. We want to teach in a way that the student feels comfortable and always knows his/her current status and progress towards set goals. We have established a comprehensive training syllabus as well as strictly adhere to standards that will aid students in their goals more quickly and cost effectively.

After students have completed training, we strive to provide clean, well- maintained, airworthy aircraft for rent. We want pilots to be able to enjoy their new pilot certificates and privileges safely and as cost effectively as possible.

We want to not only provide flight training, but also serve our customers needs for high quality aircraft, whether it be for a long cross-country weekend trip with the family, a business trip, or a fun scenic flight with friends. The Flight Training Academy offers students a full time ground school course for Private Pilot’s License and frozen ATPL.

The time tables are continues so you will not miss a subject. We have full time staff members who are dedicated to give you all the tools you need to pass your examinations with flying colors.

Classes are structured so that you are able to get the most out of a day. Daily class tests are written to ensure that you have understood lessons and to prepare the students for the examination.

All potential PPL students are admitted to the Flying Club for an annual fee. All examinations lead to FAA and JAA certifications and must be passed by 80% or higher.

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