Empire Aviation

Oxford, North Carolina

Empire Aviation has helped many people turn once aspiring dreams into immeasurable joys of reality. Your future in aviation is only a step or even a thought away. Since 1993 we are proud to boast that more then 95% of our students obtain their Private Pilots Certificate on the first check ride and 100% on the second. As with any certification, it takes time, energy, and the desire to not only cross the finish line, but continue on!

We operate a fleet of Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee, Apache Geronimo aircraft.

At Empire Aviation you can obtain your:

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Rating
  • CFI Preparation
  • Recreational License

Aviation Training Facilities

  • Flight School (airplane)
Programs & Courses
  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA)
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  • Ground School Classes


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Empire Aviation is rated 4.0 stars based on 3 reviews


I wanted to express that my now removed review of Empire Aviation was written out of anger and immaturity, and that I regret writing it, and I want everyone to know that Empire Aviation is a fine place to learn how to fly. I flew with Paul from February 2017 until May 2017 - earning my Private Pilots License in that time. I had a blast, and have since enrolled in AP school to continue my aviation career pursuit. I recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to learn how to fly. Paul offers the cheapest rates around, which really saved me from spending all of the money I had saved up. I spent around $8,000 getting my license, which is a good deal in the triangle area! I heard a guy spent over 50K at RDU, and hadn´t even soloed at that point! Paul got him his license in no time! I had a disagreement with the owner Paul, over something silly, and potentially exposed people to a negative view of Paul that was projected through my anger. Paul is a good man, and will take you far. Good luck!

on 10th Jul-18


Paul Hesse is great flight instructor. Paul taught me to fly nearly ten years ago. Empire Aviation offers excellent instruction and value. Paul instructed me through my private pilot license and my instrument rating. I recommend Empire Aviation to anyone who wants to become a pilot.

on 12th Jan-18


I encourage you to go elsewhere. Flight instructor is extremely spacey, has too much going on to give you the instruction you deserve. Refuses to repair aircraft in poor condition. Likes to gossip about airport management and other students. Very pushy, and likes to promise a lot of things he can´t deliver. Don´t waste your time and energy, stay away.

on 16th Jul-17

Empire Aviation Henderson-Oxford Airport6514 Airport Road Oxford NC 27565 United States