Epic Flight Academy

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Epic Flight Academy is strategically located at KEVB - New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport in Florida, USA. Flight training has been our focus at Epic Flight Academy since 1999, and we are proud of our continued growth and ability to provide students a pathway to achieving professional pilot dreams. With students traveling from more than 80 countries across the globe to pursue flight training at our flight school, we are knowledgeable of international pilot requirements, and have the ability to pave the way for aviation success for qualified students.

Why Choose Epic Flight Academy? 

  • Transferable, Top Quality FAA Part 141 & Part 61 Programs
  • New-Generation Aviation Facilities & Jet Cockpit Foundation
  • G-1000 Glass Cockpit Equipped Aircraft Fleet & Simulators
  • First Class Safety Record & On-Site Maintenance Department
  • Innovative Education & Dedicated Certified Instructors
  • Ideal Flight School Weather & Training Location
  • Airline Partnerships for Pipeline Job Placement
  • Training Recognized by all Civil Aviation Authorities Worldwide
  • Accepting GI Bill Veterans Military Benefits

Epic Flight Academy Pilot Courses

Whether you are have no exposure to pilot training, or are transferring from another training facility, our flight school offers students top-quality flight training in a technologically-advanced aircraft fleet, preparing them for the aviation experiences of their dreams. Providing both individual pilot courses and full professional pilot flight training programs, Epic Flight Academy pilot training is designed to fit individualized needs and necessary requirements for Civil Aviation authorities worldwide.

Professional Pilot Pathway: Prioritizing safety and minimizing of course completion time and cost, Epic Flight Academy provides an unparalleled Professional Pilot Pathway, allowing International and Domestic students to go from zero flight experience to a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot in as little as 6 - 8 months. An accelerated Part 141 flight training package, learn how to become an airline pilot at our flight school and take advantage of the wealth of commercial pilot jobs available in the coming years. 

Become a Pilot at Our Flight School

Contact our Admissions Team for more details on how to enroll in our upcoming pilot training courses.  We have new ground classes starting each month so reserve your seat today before classes fill up. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your aviation dreams!

Aviation Training Facilities

  • Flight School (airplane)
  • Aviation Degree
  • Online Courses
Programs & Courses
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)
  • Multi Pilot License (MPL)
  • Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
  • Flight Instructor - Instrument
  • Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  • EASA ATPL Ground School
  • EASA ATPL Integrated Course
  • GI Bill ® Eligible


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Epic Flight Academy is rated 4.7 stars based on 19 reviews


Did all my flight training from here currently getting my CFII done as well. The environment, the staff instructors all are amazing. Truly one of the best schools out there!

on 26th Oct-22


Epic flight academy is amazing. Everyone is super helpful , welcoming and is very family oriented. Shay is one of the higher ups and she always has time to help no matter how minuscule you think your problem is , her door is literally always open to employees and students.

on 26th Oct-22


Outstanding quality of education and distinct care of their pilot training like no other. Want the feel of a mom and pop and get the top training given to you, definitely come and check us out. Sate of the art equipment and brand new plans to train from. Epic flight academy is a place of excellence and accomplishment that you won’t regret being part of. Come be part of our accomplishment and to celebrate a new way of living your life.

on 26th Oct-22


Got all my certificates and ratings from here! Love this school and it’s environment! One of the best schools out there!!

on 2nd Sep-21


I started at Epic Flight Academy in the Instrument course and just finished their Commercial course. The academy exceeded my expectations in every way possible. They have great instructors who care about their students and the facilities are top notch. Definitely recommend for students who like to be involved and who study better with fellow students and instructors.

on 9th Jun-21


Went on a discovery flight at Epic Flight Academy with my wife. The flight instructor and staff were all very friendly and made our experience amazing. If you ever just want to go on a flight for an hour and see some cool views of New Smyrna Beach I would definitely recommend Epic.

on 26th May-21


Overpriced, poor facilities, bad managment. The aircraft and instructor rates are exorbitant. $193/hr for a G1000 Skyhawk + $85 for instructor. They seem to pray mostly on insternational students. Only recomend if you have money to burn!

on 15th Jun-20


Excelent School!! They really help the students how to reach their goals!!

on 1st Apr-20


Positive encouragement from instructors and everyone. Also fast completion time. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to become a commercial pilot.

on 12th Feb-20


I earned my commercial pilot licence from Epic Flight Academy, it was awesome experience and I really appreciate to all Epic Family, esspecially Thanks to Zayd Bradley, Morgan Latten, Evelyn Orama, Tanya Catalo and my old instructor Frankie Othitis, Im glad that I found you, I learned to fly with you, you are my family and always you will❤️

on 7th Jun-17


This is a great flight academy i earned my commercial pilot license at epic flight academy it is flight academy in florida nice people. And pretty safe airplanes

on 17th Mar-17


I earned my private pilot license at Epic, the best flight school in the area, continuing the IR and CPL!

on 11th Jan-17


Great environment to do your flight training all of there flight instructor are very knowledgeable and they know how to teach you

on 29th Oct-16


I m enroll in the commercial pilot program at epic flight academy , great experience with this amazing flight academy , airplane well maintained , if i could you an advice guys , choose Epic flight academy as your flight school !!!

on 27th Oct-16


Excellent flight academy. I just got my CPL at EPIC flight academy after 1 year of training. Good staffs, helpful instructors at Epic will make your dream become a pilot so much easier. Just go to EPIC.

on 1st Oct-16


If you´re looking for a great flight school, Epic is the place. The maintenance is second to none and the family like atmosphere makes training a pleasurable experience. Epic has great partnerships to further your career as a pilot once you complete training. Their fleet or aircraft is top of the line and so are the instructors and staff. Epic is the place to go!

on 18th Sep-16


i started my trainning in epic flight academy on april of 2015 and it was the first contact with aviation that i had, today that i just finish my commercial multi engine i would say that i recomend this flight school with you want to get all your license fast and with good quality!

on 14th Sep-16


Today I just got my commercial license at Epic and I have to say it was a great experience, since you begin being a private pilot until you are a comercial. I appriciate all the help from my instructor for making my dream real!! Intsructors and staff people are very kind and always are in a good attitude. Things like availability of commercial airplanes can be better but otherwise I recommend Epic academy for your private and instrument training.

on 2nd Sep-16


I did my training in Epic Flight Academy in 2008-09. They had the best fleet of aircrafts in the whole of United States. The aircrafts were maintained to perfection and always felt new when you flew any. Great Weather, Great Location. The Safety standards in school taught you the value of safety when it comes to aircrafts and flying. The Airport is amazing with 3 Runways. It was an amazing experience to learn with this school.

on 18th May-16

Epic Flight Academy New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport (KEVB)600 Skyline Drive New Smyrna Beach FL 32168 United States