Erciyes University Civil Aviation School

Kayseri, Turkey


The Civil Aviation Vocational School was transferred into Civil Aviation School on 17.05.2002. The school consists of two departments; Department of Airframes and Powerplants and Department of Aircraft Electrics and Electronics

The education period is 5 years including one year of English preparation class at the School of Foreign Languages. The main aim of the school is to train technicians who know a foreign language and who are informed and skilled in the area of aviation.

The education is carried out by the teaching staff of our school and other faculties and by experts of the Second Aviation Reinforcement Maintenance Commandant and the Twelfth Aviation Transmission Main Installation Commandant. The facilities of the command of the Second Aviation Reinforcement Maintenance Center are used for practical lessons.

In the school, there is an electronic laboratory, mechatronics laboratory, air tunnel laboratory, two computer laboratories, a machine workshop, a library and a conference room.

At the end of two of the academic years (except the first academic year), every student has a practical training which lasts 40 working days in institutions and installations such as THY, TAI, TEI, military installations which serve aircraft and civil airways. The total time of the practical training is 80 working days.

Sometimes foreign professors come to our school to give a week based lecture programme.

The graduates are likely to find jobs in THY, private airways and in the repair and maintenance centers of military installations.

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