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Why hire me?

When you train with me, I will train you beyond the requirements of just passing your checkride. Students who have trained with flight schools, or even other flight instructors, have successfully worked with me after they’ve already wasted an incredible amount of money and haven’t really learned anything.

I believe in training pilots to become both knowledgeable and confident. I have a consistent track record of helping students achieve their private pilot license after an average of 65 hours.

Here’s how I do that:

• I’ll provide you with a study guide to ensure you have the knowledge you need

• I place an expectation of study from day one and will provide you with insightful ground instruction

• I’ll guide and support you through maneuvers instead of offering non-constructive criticism

• I’ll teach to the point of fatigue, but not beyond

Why learn in this aircraft?

The aircraft I train out of was built in 2007 not 1975. It offers:

• A full glass cockpit with more safety than steam gauges

• Fully integrated GPS and autopilot

• Clean radio communications

The owner genuinely cares for his aircraft and goes beyond FAA minimum maintenance requirements. He also ensures the aircraft is clean, has a nice interior and nice paint.

I have over 1000 hours in the aircraft I train out of. I have the following certifications:





• Commercial pilot

• Instrument pilot

• FAA wings master

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