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Located at Fitchburg Municipal Airport, KFIT in Massachusetts. We are one of the busiest non-towered airports, FCA Flight Center has a long-standing reputation for training safe, well-qualified pilots. We have six CFI-I (instrument) instructors on staff and are open seven days a week to train pilots in our Cessna 152, 172´s and Cirrus SR-20 aircraft or your own aircraft.

As an additional training aid, we offer our new state of the art touch screen flight simulator. Main configuration with additional three large screens for full view.FAA approved FTS sim can be configured with a yoke or side stick for cirrus use. Panels are custom for the aircraft. An amazing help for those VOR tracking or instrument approaches.

We also offer a special Cirrus Flying club using a SR-22 and an additional SR-20 if your 22 is booked. Members are limited and the cost is very reasonable. Travel at 175 kts in comfort. Sleek, clean and fun.

Our pilot shop carries FAA charts for over half the country. IFR enroute, approach plates and VFR TAC´s and sectionals. We stock David Clark headsets, ASA training supplies, and more. The Fitchburg Pilots Association welcomes FCA students at monthly meetings which frequently include FAA safety seminars. They can also be found at join us and join them. Be more than just a student of aviation, become a participant!

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