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Florida Aviation Academy is a Federal Aviation Administration Part 141 approved Professional Pilot training school based in Pompano Beach Airpark (Greater Ft. Lauderdale area). In addition to the Ab Initio Programs such as 0 hours to King Air B200 Turbine certified in 14 weeks, we also offer accelerated individual courses that range from the Private Pilot, all the way to the Airline Transport Pilot.

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Private Pilot LicenseCommercial Pilot LicenseAirline Transport PilotFlight Instructor (CFI / FI)Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII / IRI)Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI)Instrument Rating (IR)Multi-Engine Rating
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Accepts students from Virginia
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1401 Northeast Tenth Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
United States

+1 (954) 788-3887

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Florida Aviation Academy is rated 3.8 based on 10 reviews

12 May 2020

I just finished my commercial here, transferred here while going through my private. I have had a very pleasant experience throughout my training. Clean facility, great instructors, my instructor ( Furkan ) very patient and professional. Due to those negative reviews i made the mistake of going to another flight school and i feel that none of those bad reviews have any bases in my experience. Carrie is very organized when i comes to check and balances of your account, and Jack is one of most experienced pilots out there always ready to answer any questions. Learning to fly is a lot of work but if you are willing to do the work this school is one of the best flight school. Best regards Altin Thank you guys Jack, Carrie and the whole crew of cfi. Altin

28 Mar 2020

Excellent flight school. They helped me finish my licenses fast. Everything they told me they would do for me they did. I had a great instructor the hole way thru. I am very satisfied with the training and I know the other people who were there training with me were happy too. No one was complaining, which is a big difference over the last flight school I was at. Greg

25 Mar 2018

I completed all of my licenses and ratings at Florida Aviation Academy. The negative reviews are unfair and deceptive. Safety and maintenance are the number one priority at this school. All maintenance issues are addressed immediately. My father is a Captain with a major international airline, and he was very happy with my training and the way the maintenance is handled. He found the safety procedures and practices at Florida Aviation Academy more than adequate, and he also recommends the school highly to his associates. I know former students who were unhappy because they were not able to make the grade due to their lack of focus and integrity. The management at Florida Aviation Academy are great. They really care about the students and help them as much as possible. When I completed my course I was refunded the remaining funds in my account appropriately, and I know that others were as well. It is a shame how these losers try to trash such a great school! Josh

20 Mar 2018

Other negative reviews of this flight school are accurate. The school had a serious crash in April of 2016 when their twin engine airplane crashed into a house. The two managers are not nice people, and they have absolutely no interest in your training, just money. There is no real formal structure to their training. Maintenance issues are not quickly addressed. If you are planning on training at this school, do not under any circumstances put money on account with them or pay any "security deposits" you´ll never see this money again. Greg L

26 Sep 2017

Good flight school. I´m happy I made the decision to go to Florida Aviation Academy for my CPL. After what I have seen at other schools, this one is one of the best in Florida. Michael

19 Sep 2017

I completed my instrument rating and CPL at Florida Aviation Academy. My instructors were far above what I experienced when I went for my PPL at another school and the support was awesome. Jack and Carrie were there cheering me on the entire way. Thanks guys! Chris L

18 Sep 2017

For my personal experience I can tell it´s the best flight academy because safety is the number 1 priority and they treat you like family Rodrigo Garcin

16 Sep 2017

Florida Aviation Academy is an excellent flight school with great instructors and innovative equipment. When they say you can complete the 0 hours - Commercial pilot course in as little as 16 weeks, they mean it. It is all doable because of their structured curricula and the oversight offered by the Chief Instructor and the executive staff. The prices were fair, and the staff keeps you aware of where you stand at all times. I highly recommend this school and urge those interested in getting a good start in aviation to consider this school. Go and visit and see what they have to offer. P. Viau

16 May 2017

The worst experience ever, the prices they give you are not real, they charge you a lot more when you are already there and if you ask a refund they refused to do it, have to hire a lawyer to fight my money back. Rafa

03 Nov 2016

This school is a complete ripoff , safety is their last concern . They had a huge accident , almost killing 2 students . They only want to see how much money they can get out of you . Run away from this place . Andrew