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School Overview

Our expertise is to provide professional flight training solutions from ab-initio [with no flight experience] to a private or professional level pilot.

Global Pilot Program

EASA & FAA Global Pilot License will give you a unique opportunity to combine the advantages of holding both FAA and EASA Commercial Pilot Licenses.

From 0 to 1.500 Flight Hours

Get PPL, Night Rating, ATPL Theory, IR, MEP, CPL, FI. Become a Flight Instructor and get your first job in Aviation, complete course (theoretical and practical).

FAA Courses

  • PPL - Private Pilot License
  • CPL - Commercial Pilot License
  • 0-CPL - From 0 to Commercial Pilot License
  • 0-1.500 hours - From 0 to Commercial Pilot License with 1.500 hours
  • IR - Instrument Rating
  • CFI, CFII - Certified Flight Instructor
  • Time Building

Contact Details

14569 SW 127th ST
Miami, Florida 33186

+1 (305) 255-8753

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Multi-Engine Time Building

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Flight Instructor - Instrument Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI) Night Rating Instrument Rating (IR) Multi-Engine Class Rating EASA ATPL Ground School

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