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We are an EASA PPL flight school based in Limoges for ab-initio flight training tailored to the needs of the student. Based here in France where there are open skies and minimal landing fees. It´s a great training environment.

As an English flying instructor based in the Limousin/Dordogne area of France, I´m the first to admit I fell in love with the area when I learned to fly here myself with Sue Virr of Nearly Heaven flight school.

After further training to become an EASA flying instructor, I have been working as an instructor here since 2011. Flying in France I have discovered what it has to offer as a country of people who just love and embrace flying. With great flying facilities and no landing fees at our home base, it´s not just enjoyable, it´s affordable too.

Whether it´s for PPL training, renewal of a licence or just to enjoy a pleasure flight, I can help you get in the air. Check out my checklist and remember, since a lot of my time is spent up in the sky, you can always drop me an email.

Flying takes place all year round in the Limousin, although obviously the short winter days can limit the opportunities to take to the skies.

To train for your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) you will need an EASA Class 2 medical, which can be obtained in the UK, France or any European country.

The cost of flying is about 195€ per hour for the plane and the tuition - with none of the hidden costs which can be found at some flight schools. And NO landing fees at Limoges. You will need to join our local flying club costing about 150€ and join the FFA for insurance purposes at 66€.

I am also a CAA Ground examiner so you will be able to study for all of your ground school here with me and take the exams as well. This includes RT (Radio Telephony).

We fly mainly Robin DR400s, which are terrific training planes, although we do have some other aircraft available upon request.

The PPL takes a minimum of 45 hours flight training and we have an examiner on site available for all testing.

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