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Backed by a combined experience of over 50 years in the international airline industry, we have held certifications by the FAA, JAA, and Red Cross for safety and service, for all the Boeing as well as McDonald Douglas and Airbus aircrafts and are DGCA compliant. Our team comprises of a proactive and committed management, enabling the decision process to be swift and short with an extensive network of contacts, positioning us well for an expansive future. We have dealt with more than 3000 students in the education sector which gives us an edge with the right teaching methodologies along with first hand experience in the aviation field.

We realize the essence of time, money and quality in your lives. Do not join us because we are yet another flight training institute with long training hours and the huge sums of money you pay to learn. Join us, only if you are passionate, ambitious and want perfection. After all with us, you will get only as much as you need to know and pay as much as you should and not as much as we want you to. Just like no two peas are the same in a pod, no two individuals share the same strengths. We realize this and are there to work on your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths.

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402 Belfer 147 Waterfield Road
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