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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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School Overview

First Officer Intern Program

Our First Officer Intern Program allows pilots to log FAR Part 135, multi-engine, turbo-prop flight time in all weather conditions. Intern will receive training and an FAR Part 135 second-in-command check ride in Beech 99 aircraft. Airline employers are seeking pilots with this actual flight experience. Interns choose how much flight time they need to log, in 100-hour blocks.

Intern candidate must be a United States citizen, hold commercial, multi-engine, and instrument pilot certificates, and have a second-class medical.

Training & Check Ride
Ground training, flight training and check ride are accomplished over two weeks at our base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Flight Experience
Flight time is logged on daily, scheduled, cargo flights from Milwaukee to various out-stations throughout Wisconsin and Michigan. Duties include loading and unloading cargo. Average time logged is 9 hours per week.

Intern is responsible for own housing at both Milwaukee and out-stations. A crew house is available at no charge in Milwaukee during training.

Training & Check Ride is a one-time fee of $3,000. Flight Experience is purchased in 100-hour blocks. Each block takes approximately 11 weeks to complete. The 1st block is $5,000 ($50 per flight hour), 2nd block is $4,500 ($45 per flight hour), and 3rd block is $4,000 ($40 per flight hour). Additional flight time over 300 is $40/hour. All amounts must be paid in advance.

Contact Details

General Mitchell International Airport
1901 E. Layton Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207

+1 (414) 744-5525

Key Training Facilities


Multi-Engine Time Building

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