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Green Mountain Flight Training

North Clarendon, Vermont

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Green Mountain Flight Training believes that a pilot license can afford the holder the extraordinary opportunity to experience and share a level of adventure, travel, and even a life style glimpsed by a relatively small and rare group of individuals. Our staff is made up of passionate aviators who regularly fly long cross country trips in pursuit of their own adventures. They are seasoned veterans anxious to pass on their passion to you in a professional and fun atmosphere.

The flying experience our students gain includes mountain flying in the Green Mountains of Vermont, The White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Adirondacks of New York. Unique experiences with up and down drafts, mountain induced turbulence on otherwise calm days and contour flying are just some of the things our environment presents.

Less than an hourĀ“s flight from Boston, minutes from Burlington International and about an hour to Montreal, our location provides opportunities to experience the big airport environment. On the flip side, much of our work on short and soft fields is done at real short and soft fields; no need for simulating a performance takeoff or landing-we do the real thing. And, if you join us in the winter months, you will see what pop-up snow squalls due to obscure the mountains,land and taxi on ice and snow covered runways and learn winter "ops" including de-icing, cold engine starts and aircraft handling in extremely cold weather.

Come to the scenic Green Mountains and learn the flying skills you will use flying a Cub or heavy iron.


Green Mountain Flight Training
Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport
1004 Airport Road
North Clarendon, Vermont, 05759
United States

+1 (802) 379-7089



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