Green Castle Aero Club Ltd.

Oxford, Iowa


Green Castle Aero Club, Ltd (GCAC) is dedicated to the advancement of private aviation through flight training, safety seminars and community participation. All members are shareholders in the corporation, which is administered by a Board of Directors.

The GCAC offers a membership-operated private facility at a small private airport between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa for flight training, aircraft rental and maintenance. Flight training using club airplanes is available to club members from certified flight instructors who are private contractors (the flight instructor’s fee is separate from and in addition to the plane rental shown at our website.)

Training is available for Sport Pilot and Private Pilot licenses and for instrument rating, flight instructor rating, complex aircraft rating and tail wheel rating. A life-time membership of $150 and inexpensive monthly dues (waived for those with hangared aircraft) are required.

Green Castle is a club of over 150 members with eight airplanes designed to meet social and professional needs of all pilots and their flight training needs. The airport is in a rural setting with a hard surface and turf runway.

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Green Castle
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