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Professional flight training for pilots and crews! We offer national and international helicopter courses, type ratings and mission-trainings - at fixed prices* and optional at the weekend.

PPL(H) | CPL(H) | ATPL(H) | FI(H) | other courses on request

Type ratings:
Guimbal Cabri G2 | Robinson R44 | Eurocopter: EC120, AS350, BO105, EC135, SA365, EC155 | models type ratings on request

Hoist | Sling load | Fire-fighting | Mountain training | other mission-trainings on request

International helicopter training academy
The work of a helicopter pilot is one of the most difficult and unique in the world. The characteristics of helicopter missions vary as distinctive as geographical and weather conditions.

To be able to fulfil all physical and mental requirements of this profession, helicopter pilots de­pend 100% on the level of their training, be it either basic or advanced. Basics need to be set at the beginning of a career and determine the quality and performance of each individual and the ability to accomplish missions safe and successful. Building on that, specialisa­tion and continuous training of these basics is indispensable to guaranty for good piloting in any situation and at any time.

For every helicopter operator in the world the training standards of their pilots are of the same importance as faultless technical condition of the helicopters and a professional and reasonable economical leadership. Each of these points contributes to safe and profitable flight operations and the success of the company.

Founded by Heli Aviation GmbH the national and international Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY is located in Augsburg, Germany. Our aim is to provide complete initial, high-quality helicopter training for private and professional pilots from all seven continents. Furthermore the scope of our training catalogue covers type ratings on various single and multiengine helicopters, mission trainings such as external load, fire-fighting, surveillance, tactical flying and mountain training.

Our cooperation with Eurocopter Germany, the market-leading helicopter manufacturer in the world, enlarges our spectrum of services and allows for a large range of type rating and training options comprising various Eurocopter models.

The benefits of our customers become manifest in the proficiency and expertise of our flight instructors and trainers having multilateral backgrounds as heli­copter pilots in the army and the police forces or being high-profile experts from the civil sector.

What distinguishes us:
Our modern helicopter fleet assures safe and contemporary flight training. Well-experienced flight instructors, employed on a long term basis, share their know-how during the training in a professional manner.

In modern classrooms all helicopter theory is presented in a multimedia-based and interactive climate, because learning should be effective and fun at the same time.

Transparent price arrangement with a complete cost overview. Our philosophy to offer fixed prices enables you to fully oversee your investigation, before starting with your training. This generates a trust worthy basis for a good relationship between our students and us.

After completion of the training we remain as a reliable partner for exclusive charter of our helicopters, further qualification training, type ratings and special mission trainings.

Type ratings & Mission trainings
The Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY offers a wide range of type rating options for which the following list applies:

Helicopters in our fleet

Single engine piston:

  • Guimbal Cabri G2
  • Robinson R44

Single engine turbine:

  • Eurocopter AS 350 B2
  • Eurocopter AS 350 B3
  • Eurocopter EC 120 Colibri
  • Twin engine turbine:
  • Eurocopter EC 155 B
  • Eurocopter SA 365 C3
  • Eurocopter BO 105 CBS4
  • Eurocopter BO 105 CBS5

Other Eurocopter models type ratings on request:

  • Eurocopter EC 130
  • Eurocopter EC 135
  • Eurocopter EC 145

Ground courses
Having finished the initial flight training additional mission specific ground training is necessary, depending on the type of flight missions intended to be flown.

For commercial air transport the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY offers ground courses in:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Multi Crew Concept
  • Security
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid

Further qualification and training
Within a pilots career a gradual rise of experience and qualification is required, building up on basic skills and knowledge, enhancing the applicability of the pilot and consequently his or her value for the company.

The catalogue of the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY contains various qualification trainings such as:

  • Flight Instructor FI(H)
  • Type Rating Instructor TRI(H)
  • Fire Fighting
  • External Load
  • Surveillance - police mission training
  • Tactical flights - military mission training
  • Mountain training

The individual requirements of our customers leave no space for any rigid agenda.

Because of that Heli Aviation works out a training schedule, which matches the needs and wishes of our customers in the best possible way.

Fixed prices for training*
Heli Aviation is one of the few flight schools in Europe offering fixed prices for flight training!

*Please note that our offer applies only for the completion of your training within the legal time frame of flight hours set by the authorities, not including fees for the medical, check flight and other certificates necessary to start the training.

The time and means required to reach the examination level depend on the performance of each individual student. Additional flight training including the instructor, briefing and fuel, may cause unpredictable costs, which have to be added to the fixed price.

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