Hub Air Aviation Academy - Malta

Luqa, Malta

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School Overview

HubAir Ab Initio Integrated course - Airline pilots for Airline pilots.

You will combine theory and flying from the very beginning and you will enjoy more flight hours than in any traditional integrated course. MORE TRAINING, BETTER PILOTS.

More than anything else, we value our training by using very experienced instructors combined with modern equipment. The quality of the instructors makes the difference and the time they will devote to the students is a key element.

Each team is composed of one instructor, maximum four students and one aircraft. The instructor workload will be limited to allow proper instruction to avoid the ‘high productivity’ syndrome that has been in many cases leading to demotivated instructional teams.

No other academy provides you with so much added value in an integrated course:

  • 15h on CAP10 aircraft
  • 85h on new Tecnam with Garmin 675
  • 10h aerobatics on CAP10 trained by international champions or former military fighter pilots
  • 40h of the DA42 simulator combined with 65h of DA42 twin aircraft
  • More than 750h ground course plus all multimedia courses in collaboration with Bristol Ground School
  • MCC simulator and Airbus Training on MFTD

Our instructors are professional active pilots with a lot of experience on different aircraft and airliners. Our instructors are professional active pilots with a lot of experience on different aircraft and airliners.

HubAir stands for quality and only delivers the best. That is why we have chosen to only select a limited number of students per course to ensure a very personal training program. We operate from Valence-Chabeuil Airport in France, Malta International Airport and our sim centers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Contact Details

Malta International Airport
Security Gate 1

Luqa, LQA 4000 Malta

+356 22 48 51 02

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Multi-Engine Time Building Type Ratings (TRTO)

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) EASA ATPL Ground School EASA ATPL Integrated Course Multi Pilot License (MPL) Night Rating Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) Instrument Rating (IR) Multi-Engine Class Rating Jet Orientation Course (JOT) EXM CT Ground School Classes

Class and Type Rating Courses

Airbus 318 Airbus 319 Airbus 320 Airbus 321 Boeing 737 - Classic Boeing 737 - NG Diamond Twin-Star Tecnam

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