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We are pleased to inform you that IRC has established our new location on the Island of Guam. Our new facility includes an FAA Computer Testing Facility, and FAA Designated Examiners who are also residents of the island. Everything we need all under one roof.

This move will allow us to now offer the greatest ability to service our many customers in the Asian Region. We are now on average only three hours from most of the major cities in Asia and Australia providing you with a very convenient access to FAA Approved training, and Non FAA training to standards that meet or exceed your local CAA standards. We also can offer the fastest response time.

We have also partnered with University of Guam to offer these programs to students and residents of the CNMI.

IRC has also pushed the world of Dispatch training into the future by developing the first and only complete computer based training and testing system. In order to make it more convenient for students and to be able to reach as many as possible, our program will be available to be taken on PC´s, and Apples, as well as Tablet Devices, iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry Phones. This means a student can be sitting at a train station or coffee shop and still be able to do the required studies anytime they have the free time. These students will take the course before coming to Guam, and the results will be immediately available to us to place in their student records.

The minimum age for the dispatch test is 21, and the minimum age to old a US FAA Dispatch License is 23. As well there is no upper limit on age, so no one is too old to to take the program.

The students are going to get their money´s worth for education as well as a license that is valid anywhere they go. The US Dispatch License is the most prestigious license to hold for flight operations personnel throughout the world.

With our partnership with Freedom Air (US FAR 121 & 135 operator) we will not only be able to teach theory, but show students how it happens in the real operating airline. No other Dispatch School in any country can provide the student with such valuable resources and experiences.

In conclusion, there is no closer place to get the US license than Guam. It is the furthest point west that the FAA has authority, and now the furthest place west that the Computerized FAA tests can be taken. We now have the ability to offer these highly sought after licenses, with the most convenience, and at a lower cost than going to the US Mainland.

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