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FAA Dispatcher Certification Training
Flight Operations Management - Level 2 (FOM-2)

The primary objective of the Jeppesen Flight Operations Management - Level 2 program is to prepare applicants to take the comprehensive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or relevant National Aviation Administration (NAA), written, oral, and practical exams leading to issuance of the Aircraft Dispatcher license.

Course Content

In addition to the FAA/NAA Aircraft Dispatcher knowledge test requirements, students will learn about responsibilities and the skills necessary to function as an efficient part of any airline operation control center (AOC). Students will learn in detail the local and international regulatory and operator provisions that drive aircraft dispatcher duties and responsibilities, and apply those conditions to flight planning and flight following. Students will study various sophisticated automation systems (flight planning, flight following, weather analysis, etc), and gain exposure to additional other tools which may become helpful in a wide range of airline careers (electronic flight bag, international trip planning, crew planning software, etc).

Course Length
The FOM-2 course is scheduled in both "full time" or "part time" class formats. Both formats consist of 200+ contact hours, with extensive home study required. The full-time course consists of 30 class days, held eight-hours per day over 6 weeks. The part-time course consists of 48 class days, held four and one half hours per day over 17 weeks. Please reference the current course calendar and class schedule for more detail.

Who Should Attend

Dispatchers: Individuals seeking an FAA/NAA Aircraft Dispatcher License and career, or current airline employees who wish to transition to a aircraft dispatcher / flight operations officer position.

Pilots: The FAA/NAA Dispatcher Written exam is very similar to the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) written exam, so pilots can prepare for (or retake) the ATP while increasing their backup career options.

Management & Administration: One can summarize this course as the ATP "body of knowledge" plus flight planning and practical dispatching – which is applicable to many aviation careers. This course is ideal for individuals whose career currently involves airline operations or those who wish to learn more about the technical details associated with air carrier transportation.

Aviation Vendors: Individuals seeking careers with aviation vendors who produce products and services for the aviation industry. From aircraft or avionics manufacturing and sales, to operations automation tools, to other products and services - individuals can benefit from this education in technical air transport requirements and efficiencies.

Experience Substitution (FOM-2A)

Applicants who have been assistant dispatchers, ATPL pilots, or have two years experience in airline, military, ATC, operations or training in the last three years are eligible to apply for experience substitution of programmed hours (FOM-2A). Applicants may be able to reduce classroom time town to 80 hours. The FOM-2A program normally consists of 4 weeks of independent study, followed by independently passing the FAA Dispatcher written knowledge test, followed by attending at least the last two weeks of a regularly scheduled FOM-2 class.

Hands on Experience

The Dispatcher course provides a dedicated instruction module on "Dispatcher Tools" which reviews the fundamentals and importance of different dispatch/AOC applications: flight planning, weather analysis, flight following, crew scheduling, airport analysis / aircraft performance analysis, NavData and obstacle databases, El

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