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Part 141 FAA approved flight school which can provide M-1 Student Visa´s for international students.  Training is conducted by experienced Captains with many years of experience, and FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor ratings.  We maintain our own fleet of training aircraft with one plane for every student!  There is never a problem scheduling a plane for your training!  Tuition covers everything except food and personal expenses.  Frequent flights to both Mexico and Canada.  Gain valuable and needed work experience while doing your training!

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Redlands Airport
1755 Sessums Drive

Redlands, California 92374

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Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Instrument Rating (IR)

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King Air First Officer is rated 5 stars based on 4 reviews

on 22-APR, 2018


Unique "school" which is like an apprenticeship as you train as a First Officer on a King Air C90 whilst getting your PPL, IR and CPL Multi. I started school exactly a year ago today and I am know working as a pilot flying an Aztec doing Aerial Photography. I had several job offers within a couple of months of completing the program and picked the one that sounded the most interesting at this stage. I would definitely recommend this program if you want real life experience and not only a license. Jerome

on 16-APR, 2017


Hey guys, in just one year I got all the required ratings to be eligeble to work as a commercial pilot. During training I had tuition from very experienced Captains, it was great. At the moment im flying turboprops at an Airline, and definitely my base pilot training had great influence on my todays airmenship. All the best, Brian.

on 31-AUG, 2016


This school isn´t a normal flight school. There aren´t 1000 students being corralled through training programs like cattle. You get all of the time with your instructors that you could ever ask for. You gain hands-on experience with real-world flying. You actually get to be a First Officer on a modern King Air. I’m not talking one flight or two. You get scores of hours of turbine time, work with clients, experience the job of being a pilot. Once you have your multi-engine rating, you´ll get PIC hours in the King Air. Being a pilot isn´t an easy job so this school isn´t easy. You have duties in and out of the cockpit. You fly at all hours, all schedules, help with the business. But if you´re serious about being a professional pilot, you´ll become one here. This school isn´t about getting students a license, shaking their hands and moving on. This school is about teaching people how to fly. Licensing is only part of process. I loved every minute of my time here. -Mark E, C-MEL, AGI

on 28-AUG, 2016


Definitely the best first officer experience that you can get, you will have a great picture of how dynamic and fun the life of a corporate pilot can be. Great instruction and very fun trips!