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Learn To Fly San Diego

San Diego, California

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Learn To Fly San Diego is a new flight school owned and operated by experienced and well-qualified instructors.

Learn To Fly San Diego is owned and operated by pilots for pilots. We are motivated to get you through the training safely, competently, and for as little money as possible. We want you to fully enjoy the experience and we hope that you will want to continue training in the future for additional ratings, rentals, and currency.

We want you to love flying! We hope you will want to take your friends and family out to experience the thrill of flying in Southern California and beyond!

Chief Adviser
Nic Eriksson (CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP) over 6,500 hours & 18 years of flight experience. Former Chief Instructor and Examiner with a prominent flight school. He flies a Gulfstream jet internationally and he is available for advanced students and evaluation flights.

Chief Instructor
Christopher Sluka (CFI, CFII, MEI, Gold Seal) over 4,500 hours & 11 years of flight experience. Former Assistant Chief Instructor at two prominent flight schools. Masters Degree Embry-Riddle Aeronautical.

We have had many pilots get exciting careers in aviation after they have trained with us and earned their certificates & ratings. In addition to prosperous airline & corporate careers, we have had several pilots work in Alaska including John Ponts featured on the Discovery ChannelĀ“s Flying Wild Alaska.

Currently we can only train international students who are already in the USA with a valid visa or Green Card and after receiving TSA approval for Private, Instrument, or Multi-Engine flight training. TSA approval is not required for Commercial or CFI training.

Our instructors are registered with the TSA as providers for training of international students.

If you are legally in the USA with a valid visa we can assist you in changing providers to one of our instructors.

The TSA charges a $130 fee for this process.

Visitors to the USA who already have a Pilot Certificate can rent aircraft for time-building, check-outs, flight reviews, currency, and sight-seeing. Some visitors might be allowed to take less than 18 hours per week of study without obtaining a Student Visa.

If you wish to study more than 18 hours per week, or for longer than the duration of a Visitor Visa, then you will need to obtain a Student Visa and attend a Part 141 School that already participates in the SEVIS program. We strongly suggest you contact the US Embassy or consulate in your country to get further information and seek an immigration attorney for immigration advice.


Learn To Fly San Diego
Montgomery Field
8690 Aero Drive, Suite 116
San Diego, California, 92123
United States

+1 (858) 694-0198



Training Categories

Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Courses

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)Instrument Rating (IR) Flight Instructor - Instrument Multi-Engine Class Rating Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI)FAR Part 141 Approved


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