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LindSky Aviation Training & Services

Deurne, Belgium

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Becoming a pilot is not for everyone - For new candidates pilot training presents a major investment in time and an educational and technical challenge. We take seriously the investment you are willing to commit both financially and in your chosen direction. During the enrolment process we strive to accept only students that have the best chance of completing their training. It assures Lindsky produces some of the best prepared new pilots in the industry.

Many Approved Training Organizations (ATO’s) are leaving Belgium for other countries (e.g. USA, Spain, Italy, Malta) in order to produce cost effective certification packages. To further reduce the pricing ATO’s are providing only the absolute basic requirements. Very often they use less experienced Flight Instructors and outdated and under performing equipment.

LindSky delivers its entire training curriculum out of Belgium, with very experienced Flight Instructors. Most of our instructors come from the airline industry or the military. We provide industry leading instructors with substantial flight hours.

Lindsky is proudly based in Belgium. Many ATO’s have moved their flight training to other countries with better weather conditions. They believe this allows for a shortened training period under 10/10 blue sky conditions. We consider this to be a real safety issue and a high risk for the pilots themselves if real life conditions are not properly mastered. LindSky believes the weather conditions in Belgium present a real opportunity for increasing a pilots skill set. After all it is a necessity that pilots must be able to fly in all weather conditions.

Navigation in Belgium offers an environment with complex control, restricted, or prohibited airspace in witch to learn. Permanent contact with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is mandatory, this provides our students a proper training and multi-tasking environment from the very first day.

In conclusion, we consider that a pilot at the end of his Private Pilot License training must be able to deal with aircraft emergencies, flying skills in any weather condition and being able to contact the ATC at any time. Flying an aircraft is a very challenging and an exciting we pride ourselves in training well equipped pilots. Although flying is not without risk LindSky strives to limit these risks training in real world conditions. This is the main reason why we won’t do low cost training. The key to safety for us is proper equipment (ground syllabus, aircraft, simulator), very experienced instructors, training in challenging weather conditions (windy, clouds at altitude, reduced visibility) and frequent air traffic control communication.


LindSky Aviation Training & Services
Antwerp Airport (EBAW)
Luchthavenlei 1
Deurne 2100

+32 471 737 737



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