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Focused on student-centered flight training, offering instruction for primary certificates (sport, recreational and private), commercial, instrument and ATP. Offers flat-rate pricing for training leading to a certificate, a proven syllabus, and simulator training to reduce flight time needed to reach your aviation goals.

Training is conducted under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and is broken up into four stages:

Stage 1 – Presolo – Introduction to all the flightmanoeuvres

  • Training start with introduction to the fundamental flight maneuvers
  • Flying the aircraft slowly, practicing aerodynamic stall recoveries,
  • Learning to correct for wind drift, and managing emergencies in the air.
  • Training in this culminates with becoming proficient in performing takeoffs and landings, capped off by a solo flight.

Stage 2 – Postsolo

  • Developing technique for landing airplanes on soft surface and short runways
  • Learning to fly the airplane solely through instrument references

Stage 3 – Cross-Country

  • Learning the fundamentals of navigation, radio communication, and cross-country flight management
  • Flying at night
  • Training and solo flight between multiple airports, including tower-controlled airports
  • You’ll also take the FAA knowledge exam during this stage if you haven’t already.

Stage 4 – Practical Exam Prep

  • Overview of the practical exam (aka checkride), both the oral and flight portions
  • Mock checkrides with me and another instructor

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