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Integrated Training Facility
Monarch Air’s Flight Academy is an approved FAA FAR Part 141 facility with courses from zero experience to the levels necessary for a career flying. Our full service facility has been producing safe, competent, and proficient pilots for over25 years. Our Safety is Paramount commitment to our clients has made Monarch Air the superior flight training facility. Monarch Air is owned and operated by the Sawtelle family.

Most importantly, Monarch Air has a highly qualified staff that have a true interest in each client. We are very proud to employ a dedicated instructor staff whose primary focus is client’s flight training achievements. Additionally, it is not uncommon to find a mechanic waiting patiently for the last evening flight to return. Our maintenance staff is integral in keeping the aircraft operating at an optimum levels so clients are always flying, and flying safely.


  • 2 facilities in the Dallas Texas Area
  • G1000training aircraft
  • GPS equipped aircraft with moving map displays
  • Modern aircraft fleet

Training Overview
Once you make the commitment to begin, your flight training filled with rewarding experiences begins immediately. There are no class enrolment dates - all training is conducted individually. Our syllabus and facilities allows you to train at your own pace. Additionally, our Flight Instructors will be there guiding and coaching you through your training to make sure you are meeting your goals of completion.

Ground Training
Ground training is conducted with a specific web based training course developed for Cessna by King Schools. The scenario based interactive programs are designed to work in association with the clients actual flight experience, preparing them for the next training flight before even taking off.Our clients can learn at their own pace, and lessons can be conducted anywhere high speed internet is available, including Monarch Air´s classroom or in the comfort of their own home. Best of all, clients are able to accelerate through ground lessons - saving time and money.

Flight Training
Flight training is conducted 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Flights for full-time clients are scheduled twice a day and conducted in 2 hour blocks. Additionally, flight training schedules can be tailored for each individual in the event they are unable to commit to full time training. Each flight uses a computer monitored syllabus and lesson plan. This system, accessible by the client and Flight Instructor, permits the client to preview all of the required lesson material before the flight, allowing them to be fully prepared and briefed. This, in turn, produces the most efficient training event for each flight. The system allows clients to save precious time and money in the air by knowing the material before flying.

Flight Training Phase Programs
Professional flight training at Monarch Air is conducted into 2 Phase Programs. Phase I of the Professional Pilot Program navigates pilots-in-training from zero flight experience to a Commercial Pilot Rating. Phase II of the Professional Pilot Program is for clients wanting to obtain the Certified Flight Instructor Rating and Instrument Instructor Rating (CFI & CFII). Utilizing a regimented training curriculum, clients are able to progress quickly and economically through their flight training.

Tailored Courses Offered
Monarch Air offers tailored courses at the client’s request. If you have special requirements, training demands, between ratings, or are transferring from another facility, please contact us to setup an evaluation. Once completed, we will be able to offer you a tailored course with a cost estimate for your completion.

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