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Newbury, Massachusetts

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School Overview

We are specialists in Private, Instrument and Flight Instructor training with an emphasis on stick and rudder skills. At the moment, all instructors are Airline Transport Pilot rated. The training fleet consists of a nicely equipped IFR Cessna 172 and a VFR Cessna 150. Both aircraft have low time engines. The school has a flight training devise that can shave 20 hours off the 40 hour IFR training requirement. A flying club is available for those that prefer full time training/time building.

Rates as of January 27, 2014are $50./hr. for instruction. $135./hr. for the 172. $100./hr. for the 150. Flying club rates are much lower, but require annual dues and renters insurance. All rates are wet.

Our building has comfortable lounging areas. It is walking distance to the locally famous Bob Lobster (dining in the rough) restaurant. The Plum Island beaches and wildlife refuge are less than 2 miles.

The flying club /time building option for the Cessna 150 is $480. annual dues and $80./hr. The Cessna 172 is $720. annual dues and $110./hr.

Our students and renters often give us feedback including: "Love the turbulence free air associated with the Massachusetts coastline". "Plum Island Aerodrome must be one of the most inspiring grass roots airports with it´s well maintained sod and paved runways".

Contact Details

Plum Island Airport
24 Plum Island Turnpike

Newbury, Massachusetts 01951

+1 (781) 325-2135

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Instrument Rating (IR) Flight Instructor - Instrument

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