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Private Pilot Course: PPL (H)

In order to enjoy the freedom and joy of flying, it is necessary to start somewhere and obtaining your Private Pilot License is the first step.

For the PPL(H) you will learn both the theory and the practical side of helicopter flying. As a Private Pilot, you will have the certificate necessary to act as Pilot in Commandthe helicopter, that is to say that you will be the captain and the person responsible for the passengers and the aircraft. Since this is the first step you will only be able to fly non-commercially, meaning that as a Private Pilot you can only share the expenses with your passengers.

At My Wings you will be learning how to fly in the Robinson R44 which is the number one, single-engine-piston helicopter used commercially and privately in the world.

  • Minimum age of 17 years old
  • Minimum of 45 hours of flight time
  • Class 2 medical; Pass the Theoretical Knowledge Examinations

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